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Articles by World Security Network :

NATO Summit 2012: More Questions Than Answers – Analysis

By Dieter Farwick The NATO summit May 2012 in Chicago – hometown of US President Barack Obama – does not

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Reform Is The Best Option – OpEd

By Sheikh Salman al-Oadah Society’s best option is to undergo change and adapt to its ever-changing needs on an ongoing

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President Putin And The Middle East – Analysis

By Corneliu Pivariu On 7 May this year, Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin with a grandiose ceremony and he

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‘Space Storms’ Cloud Global Security – Analysis

By PJ Wilcox Countries that border the Arctic Ocean have been racing to claim the surrounding seafloor for its natural

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Frictions in The South China Sea: Chinese Strategic Mistake – Analysis

By Anis Bajrektarevic On the eastern, ascendant flank of Eurasian continent, the Chinese vertigo economy is overheated and too-well integrated

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A War Against Iran: Measuring Twice And Cutting Only Once – Analysis


By Reza Shahrestani Faced with an active internal opposition, on the one hand, and with the hesitations and divisions that

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Walter Laqueur: Europe – Recovery Or Collapse? – Interview

Once again, BrigGen(ret.) Dieter Farwick, Senior Vice President of the World Security Network Foundation, took the opportunity to interview the

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How Nepal Can Have An “Invincible” Military – OpEd

By Deepak Prakash Baskota and Dr. David R. Leffler Although social scientists argue that research shows that our world is

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Why Israel Should Not Go To War With Iran – Analysis

By Rene Rieger The past months have seen a steady escalation of the Iranian nuclear crisis. As Iran makes progress

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Germany: Savior Or Victim Of Europe? – Interview

In his 326 page book “Wege ins Abseits. Wie Deutschland seine Zukunft verspielt” (“How Germany gambles away its Future”), Osning

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