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UN: Israel Displaced 67 Palestinians In A Week

Israel forcibly displaced 67 Palestinian refugees in East Jerusalem over the last week, UN agencies said Sunday.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces evicted two Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina. Jewish settlers moved into the homes the same day.

Also on Wednesday, Israeli authorities destroyed the homes of seven families in al-Khalayleh in East Jerusalem, displacing them for the third time in six months.

A day later, Israeli forces demolished and confiscated emergency tents provided to the families by humanitarian organizations, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the UN Relief and Works Agency said in a joint statement.

UNRWA’s director in the West Bank Felipe Sanchez said the forced evictions broke international law.

“We urge the Israeli authorities to find an immediate solution to enable the Palestinian population of the occupied West Bank, to lead a normal life, in full realization of their rights,” Sanchez said.

The head of OCHA’s local office Ramesh Rajasingham added: “More than 1,500 Palestinians have lost their homes as a result of demolitions and evictions since the beginning of 2011.

“Forced evictions and demolitions cause extensive human suffering, increase humanitarian needs and vulnerability.”

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3 Comments on "UN: Israel Displaced 67 Palestinians In A Week"

  1. Had this been done by some muslim countries on some non muslims Hillary Clinton and Obamas and there likes would have started preaching Human Rights and blah blah…Where are the Human Rights Watchers why they wake up only selectively ?

  2. Actually had it been done in a Muslim country they would not have said a word. My family is from Lebanon and this is tame, try being a Christian in Egypt!

  3. Seems that no lessons were learnt from the Nazi experience. This is exactly what happened to so many eastern european jews in the lead up to the 2nd World War. How can Israel justify this they are behaving just like the Nazis.

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