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Articles by Amitabh Hoskote :

Flag of India

The Eagle Bear Affair – OpEd

23 Jul 2016 in 1 , Opinion

India aspires to build a nuclear super carrier INS Vishal to add to its maritime footprint. The carrier is slated to be a 65000 Ton displacement vessel, 300 metres long and 70 metres wide. It…

Paris, France

France: Prolonged Emergency State Threatens Rights, Says HRW

23 Jul 2016 in 1 , Social Issues , World News

The decision by France’s parliament on July 21, 2016, to expand and prolong the country’s state of emergency for six months undermines human rights and the rule of law, Human Rights Watch said, adding the…

This is a historic photo of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Credit USGS Earth Observatory.

Tide-Triggered Tremors Give Clues For Earthquake Prediction

23 Jul 2016 in 1 , Science

The triggering of small, deep earthquakes along California’s San Andreas Fault reveals depth-dependent frictional behavior that may provide insight into patterns signaling when a major quake could be on the horizon, according to a paper…

This view of a massive cluster of galaxies unveils a very cluttered-looking universe filled with galaxies near and far. Some are distorted like a funhouse mirror through a "space warp" phenomenon first predicted by Einstein a century ago. Credit NASA, ESA, and J. Lotz (STScI)

NASA’s Hubble Looks To The Final Frontier

23 Jul 2016 in 1 , Science

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the TV series “Star Trek” has captured the public’s imagination with the signature phrase, “To boldly go where no one has gone before.” NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope doesn’t “boldly…

Location of Florida. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Three Florida Men Charged With Conspiring To Provide Support To Islamic State

23 Jul 2016 in 1 , World News

Three Palm Beach County, Florida, residents were charged with conspiring and attempting to support the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a designated foreign terrorist organization. Gregory Hubbard, aka Jibreel, 52, of West…