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Location of Colombia. Source: CIA World Factbook.

Colombia: Concern For Missing Spanish Newspaper Reporter

28 May 2016 in 1 , Social Issues

Reporters Without Borders said that it is very worried about Salud Hernández-Mora, a journalist with dual Spanish and Colombian nationality who went missing on 21 May while reporting in Catatumbo, a northern region near the…

Intracellular localization of ANKRD55 in Jurkat, SH-SY5Y and PMA-treated U937 cells.

Discovered New Gene Involved In Multiple Sclerosis

28 May 2016 in 1 , Health

A genetic variant in the 5q11 chromosome, which is associated with susceptibility to developing multiple sclerosis, greatly regulates a gene known as ANKRD55. ANKRD55 is a gene with an unknown function. These are the findings…

Carrots thrown in the garbage.

New Guidelines And Tools To Combat Food Waste

28 May 2016 in 1 , Social Issues

An EU-funded project has used its final project meeting in Brussels to showcase its final results and inform policymakers on how significantly reducing food waste can lead to a more resource-efficient Europe. The FUSIONS project,…


Cattle Treated With Antibiotics Results In Doubling Of Dung Methane Emissions

28 May 2016 in 1 , Environment

An international team of scientists have published a study that highlights how antibiotics given to cattle can have far-reaching effects on an ecosystem, with increased methane emissions from dung, as well as changing the composition…

NOAA's GOES-East satellite captured this daytime view of developing System 91L between the Bahamas and Bermuda on Friday, May 27, at 1430 UTC (10:30 a.m. EDT). Credit Credits: NASA/NOAA GOES Project

NASA Looks At Winds In Developing Tropical Cyclone Off Bahamas

28 May 2016 in 1 , Environment

The low pressure area located between Bermuda and the Bahamas, designated as System 91L became a little better defined today. NASA’s RapidScat analyzed the system’s winds, and NOAA’s GOES-East satellite provided a visible look at…