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Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations is a foreign policy think-tank established in 2009, to engage India’s leading corporations and individuals in debate and scholarship on India’s foreign policy and its role in global affairs. Gateway House’s studies programme will be at the heart of the institute’s scholarship, with original research by global and local scholars in Geo-economics, Geopolitics, Foreign Policy analysis, Bilateral relations, Democracy and nation-building, National security, ethnic conflict and terrorism, Science, technology and innovation, and Energy and Environment.

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Retreat Of Globalization: Central Banks In Crosshairs – Analysis

22 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Business

Central banks play a critical role in forging the country’s international economic relations. Now, with the rule-based order being reset and new regimes getting established, they are better positioned to influence the playing field. It…

Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia Commons.

The Trump Challenge: Unpredictability As Norm – Analysis

20 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis

Forecasting uncertainty is a full-fledged task for security and foreign policy analysts, but when countries resort to being unpredictable then it is likely to backfire. Uncertainty about his next course of action seems to be…

Canada's Justin Trudeau. Photo by Alex Guibord, Wikipedia Commons.

India-Canada Ties: Waiting For Trudeau – Analysis

16 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis

One is an advanced economy, the other an emerging one, and yet they share a striking complementarity of interests—from democracy and liberal values to a history of cordial relations. But two important economic agreements remain…

Earth. Photo Credit: NASA

Is Globalization In Reverse? – Analysis

27 Feb 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Business

The contours of globalisation are being reshaped. The Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump mark a strong anti-globalisation sentiment even as leaders in China, India and Russia successfully marry nationalist rhetoric with a…

Indian Ocean

‘Blue Diplomacy’ To Boost Blue Economy – Analysis

23 Feb 2017 in 1 , Analysis

The first ever summit of the Indian Ocean Rim Association, to be held in Indonesia in March 2017, will cast light on how India and other like-minded nations can develop oceanic resources sustainably. This event…