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Michael Averko
Michael Averko
Michael Averko is a New York based independent foreign policy analyst and media critic. He has appeared as a guest commentator on the BBC and WABC talk radio, in addition to having been a panelist at the World Russia Forum, Russia Forum New York and Experts' Panel. Besides Averko's Eurasia Review column - Counterpunch, Foreign Policy Journal, Global Research, History News Network, InoSMI.Ru, Johnson's Russia List, Journal of Turkish Weekly, Kyiv Post, Oriental Review, Penza News, Pravda.Ru, Pravoslavie.Ru, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russia Insider, Sputnik News, Strategic Culture Foundation, The Huffington Post, Valdai Discussion Club and WikiLeaks, are among the numerous venues where his commentary have either appeared or been referenced. The American Institute in Ukraine and the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies, have referenced some of his commentary, along with academic white papers prepared for NATO Watch, Ohio State University, Problems of Post-Communism and the Royal College of Defence Studies. He is source referenced in Richard Sakwa's book "Frontline Ukraine". Averko's Eurasia Review article on Pavlo Skoropadsky, provides the first full online transcript of Skoropadsky's edict calling for an "All-Russian Federation", inclusive of Russia and Ukraine. Among other issues, that article explains the relationships among the major combatants in the Russian Civil War. He can be reached via [email protected]

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Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia Commons.

Donald Trump Contradicts Some Negative Images Of Himself – Analysis

02 Dec 2016 in 1 , Analysis

The outgoing and at times smug US President Barack Obama, suggests a superior foreign policy knowledge to his successor Donald Trump. This impression matches much of the US mass media’s take. That perception is an…

Mitt Romney. Photo by Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia Commons.

Selecting The Next US Secretary Of State – Analysis

23 Nov 2016 in 1 , Analysis

In the aftermath of his victory, US President-elect Donald Trump has come under scrutiny in his cabinet appointments. Across the political spectrum, concern has been raised over his reported choices for the top diplomatic position of…

The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia.

Donald Trump And Potential Russia-West Break Points – Analysis

15 Nov 2016 in 1 , Analysis

The state of challenged Russia-West (especially US-Russia) relations is something questioned by Western realists and some alternative others. Donald Trump made it to the US presidency, despite saying some things that run counter to the biases against Russia,…

Agreement on the accession of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation signed. The document bears the signatures of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov and Chairman of the Coordinating Council for the establishment of the Sevastopol municipal administration Alexei Chaly. Photo Credit:

‘Realists’ On Russia – Analysis

07 Nov 2016 in 1 , Analysis

In the US, the establishment Foreign (FP) isn’t as realist geared as its establishment counterpart The National Interest, which is affiliated with the Center For The National Interest (CFTNI). The Thomas Graham-Matthew Rojansky October…


Russians Held To Different Standards – Analysis

24 Aug 2016 in 1 , Analysis , Entertainment

What some say about Russia/Russians is more of an indicator about the former than the latter. A good deal of commentary is on record about the Olympics and Russia. For a fuller overview, some additional points can be added….