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‘Pambazuka’ in Kiswahili means the dawn or to arise as a verb. Pambazuka News is produced by a pan-African community of some 2,600 citizens and organisations - academics, policy makers, social activists, women's organisations, civil society organisations, writers, artists, poets, bloggers, and commentators who together produce insightful, sharp and thoughtful analyses and make it one of the largest and most innovative and influential web forums for social justice in Africa.

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Malcom X. Photo by Ed Ford, World Telegram staff photographer, Wikipedia Commons.

Malcolm X At 91: A Foremost Revolutionary Pan-Africanist – OpEd

09 Jun 2016 in 1 , Opinion

By Norman (Otis) Richmond aka Jalali* Malcolm X is widely credited with spreading Black nationalism and revolutionary Pan-Africanism in the Western Hemisphere. On a visit to Nigeria, he was given the name Omowale, which means…

Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari. Photo Credit: Chatham House, Wikipedia Commons.

We Should Be Only Nigerians – OpEd

27 May 2016 in 1 , Opinion

By Sam Amadi* The problem with Nigeria is that the basic logic and structure of its governance is neo-feudal and aristocratic and its salvation requires a radical reinvention and institutionalization as a modern democratic state…


The Pan-African Parliament: Whom Does It Represent? – OpEd

24 May 2016 in 1 , Opinion

By Yves Niyiragira* Members of the Pan-African Parliament are handpicked by the executive of their country – by the same heads of state who retain the ultimate power at the African Union. And as if…

United Nation's Ban Ki-moon. Photo by ITU/ M. Jacobson - Gonzalez, Wikipedia Commons.

Choosing The Next UN Boss: A Political Quagmire – Analysis

18 May 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By Diana Bochaberi* Ban Ki-Moon’s term as UN Secretary General ends this year and already political jostling is underway ahead of the selection of the new head of the world body. There are strong indications…


Sports In Africa: An Untapped Resource For Development – OpEd

16 May 2016 in 1 , Opinion

By John O. Kakonge* The importance of sports has not been sufficiently appreciated by African governments for it to be integrated into their national development plans. There is no doubt that sports could play a…