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Arab Intelligence Agencies Collaborate With Mossad To Detain, Extradite Hamas Activist to Israel – OpEd


In a story reminiscent of the kidnapping of Dirar Abusisi, a Palestinian engineer known for his activities in support of Hamas, has been arrested and interrogated for long periods by the Mukhabarat in both the United Arab Emirates and Jordan:

Was Israel behind the overseas arrest of a Palestinian engineer suspected of ties with Hamas? The arrested man thinks it was – but Hamas blames the Palestinian Authority.

Jafar Daghlas, 27, a resident of the West Bank town of Burka who until recently lived in Abu Dhabi, has been questioned by two different Arab security services recently – those of the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. He suspects Israel was trying to get him extradited here

The victim enlisted the support of a professional engineering association in Jordan and Friends of Humanity, a human rights NGO which intervened on his behalf to prevent what he expected would be his extradition to Israel.  It appears too that if he had been extradited and imprisoned in Israel, this would’ve been doing the PA’s bidding as well, since it accuses him of fundraising and arms trafficking on behalf of Hamas.  It’s quite a cozy, comfy relationship all these mukhabaratnikim (there probably isn’t even such a Hebrew word, but I like the sound of it) have with each other.

In the case of Abusisi, the Mossad presumably alerted the Jordanian intelligence services to his travel from Gaza to Jordan.  When he arrived there he was questioned and detained for a number of days, which I believe allowed the Mossad to prepare for his kidnapping in Ukraine, which was the final stop on his travel itinerary.

It’s astonishing, considering the hostile relations much of the Arab world has with Israel, for intelligence agencies of these particular countries to do the Mossad’s bidding.

This article was published by Tikun Olam

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