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Yemen: Opposition Group Fires On Pro-Govt Demonstrators – Report


Members of a group opposing the Yemen government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened gunfire on pro-government supporters in the Amran province and injured four people, according to Yemeni state media.


According to the state news agency SABA, “‘Fans of the Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, fired at sit-inners from the ruling party and its allies while inside tents in downtown Amran province injuring four of them on Monday,” quoting a local official.


SABA reported that fact-finding committee was formed to investigate the incident, adding that the official expressed regret “over the incident which only aimed to disturb the public security and urging all parties to end gatherings which usually lead to clashes.”

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Saturday that there is a plot to undermine the nation’s unity, reports Yemeni state media agency SABA.

According to Yemen President Saleh the ongoing demonstrations are partially the result of forces seeking to separate Yemen’s south, with others wishing to turn the north into a priesthood imamate.

“They are now destroying every nice thing in Aden, for nothing but selfishness and remnants of colonialism,” said Saleh over the weekend, adding that those who some of those who are committing vandalism are mercenarie.


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