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Total Becomes TotalEnergies – Statement


Dear Shareholder,

I am keen to thank you all personally for adopting the new name of your company at the Shareholders’ Meeting. Total becomes TotalEnergies (in one word, with two capitals, and in the plural for all energies!). 

This decision reflects your company’s transformation strategy in its identity. 

By calling for carbon neutrality worldwide in the second half of the century, the Paris Agreement set a demanding target, but one that is uncontestable if we want to meet the climate challenge that we must all face together. 

Because of our activities, we are at the heart of the energy transition. That is why, since 2016, we have made a significant move into new energies as we seek to fulfil our mission to provide reliable, affordable, clean energy to as many people as possible. 

In 2020, we declared our ambition to get to net zero carbon by 2050, together with society. And because this new decade will be decisive in achieving it, we have set precise targets for 2030, which you have approved. 

So this will be the decade of Total’s transformation, as it becomes a broad energy company which puts sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. 

That is why it was important to reflect the journey we are taking in a new name, TotalEnergies, and a new image. 

Together, they connect our past, of which we are proud, to our future.

Together, they say what we want to be: a major player in the energy transition.

Together, they express our own energy, and those of all the teams at TotalEnergies. 

This new identity expresses our new dynamic, collective and resolute, as well as our excitement in following this new course. Thank you for your confidence and your renewed loyalty.

*Patrick Pouyanné, TotalEnergies Chairman and CEO

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