Expanding Green Pakistan Initiative Through Mechanized, Modern and Climate Smart Farming – OpEd


Like many countries today, Pakistan faces several challenges in the domain of agriculture, environmental sustainability and public health. The need to ensure food security is crucial considering rapidly growing population. In addition, Pakistan is also consistently dealing with environmental issues such pollution, desertification, and deforestation. In order to rectify these issues, now under the umbrella of Green Pakistan Initiative, FonGrow has joined hands with like-minded partners to uplift Pakistan’s agriculture sector. 

FonGrow is a valuable partner with several potential applications that could assist Pakistan to overcome major challenges. FonGrow was set up in 2022 with the goal of ensuring food security and agricultural excellence for the country in order to produce food sustainably in the future. This was done by breaching the low productivity barrier through frontloaded hi-tech farm mechanization. FonGrow aspires to establish Pakistan as a top agricultural producer by utilizing cutting-edge agricultural practices, research and development, and water conservation techniques. 

Contrary to traditional agriculture, which mostly focuses on plant-based production, FonGrow employs the power of fungi to tackle critical issues including soil degradation, food security, waste management, and even disease control. FonGrow’s goal is to boost plants’ resistance to environmental challenges like drought and disease by incorporating certain mycorrhizal fungal strains into agricultural practices. This will improve crop yields, lessen the need for synthetic fertilizers, and increase the capacity of plants to produce food. In addition, mycorrhizal fungi can strengthen soil composition and increase carbon sequestration, which helps promote environmentally friendly farming techniques.

FonGrow has the potential to positively impact the agricultural sector. By utilizing innovative collaborations and the inherent strength of nature, FonGrow has the potential to: 

  1. Play a significant role towards ensuring food security by raising agricultural yields and boosting plant resilience. 
  2. Encourage sustainable agriculture, which might lead to more ecologically friendly and sustainable agricultural methods by lowering the use of synthetic fertilizers and enhancing soil health.
  3. Mycorrhizal fungi help to absorb carbon, which lowers greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural processes and helps to mitigate the consequences of climate change.
  4. The partnership between the military and the agricultural sector creates precedent for collaborative efforts to promote international cooperation and solidarity.

Potential uses for FonGrow in biodefense, disease prevention, and waste management is in line with the agenda out forward by the newly launched Green Pakistan Initiative by Pakistan’s Government. Finally, as the Pakistan’s military has announced full support for the Green Pakistan Initiative and has promised to provide any and all forms of assistance required to uplift the country’s agriculture sector, all hands are on board and agricultural yields in Pakistan are expected to experience a mega boom as predicted by economists and concerned experts.

All in all – mechanized, modern and climate smart farming is the only way to ensure food security and attract foreign direct investment to further expand the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The recently launched Green Pakistan Initiative in this regard, is a unique opportunity to work together for a sustainable future.

Yousma Gul

Yousma Gul is a lecturer at International Islamic University, Islamabad

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