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Saudi Arabia Blasts Russia, Says Veto Fueled Syria Carnage


Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said the Russian veto at the UN Security Council had given the Syrian regime license to continue its campaign of killings and genocide against its people.

Addressing the Istanbul meeting, he reiterated the Kingdom’s call to arm the opposition to confront Bashar Assad’s “crimes against humanity.”

Prince Saud said Kofi Annan’s peace mission as a UN envoy would not be successful unless supported by a strong Security Council resolution, reflecting its role as a protector of global peace and stability.

The UN council should press the Syrian regime to stop all acts of violence immediately, the Saudi minister said.

“Although we held a number of meetings, we have unfortunately failed to reach practical solutions to provide the Syrian people with the protection they need,” the minister said.

“They believe it would be a turning point in terms of reducing their suffering and providing them with maximum support to strengthen their self-defense,” he said.

A leading Syrian rebel, meanwhile, hit out at the “Friends of Syria” conference, saying such meetings “prolonged” the life of-Assad’s regime. “We want leaders to work for an immediate end to the killings and not take decisions that extend the life of the regime,” Free Syrian Army military council secretary Capt. Ammar Al-Wawi said.

Western and Arab nations in Istanbul called for Assad to be given a deadline to meet the terms of Kofi Annan’s peace plan. The conference also urged the UN to act to stop the violence, but steered clear of backing opposition appeals for arms to fight the regime clampdown.

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2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Blasts Russia, Says Veto Fueled Syria Carnage

  • April 2, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Trouble is…Russia and Saudia Arabia both can recall the way it was in 1981…as an example for a period when the uS was against both.
    It was prior to the uS selling military equipment to Iran too…and training them to enrich uranium…which later lead to Iran religiously refusing to use nuclear materials.
    Saudia Arabia recently left many places of business in the uS due to them being suspect as terrorists under the Bush and Obama regimes…
    I always, at the age of 60 just use what I know both sets of my parents would have felt when considering events today…even though they both have passed away. They would move…from the uS…there would be a huge voluntary departure similar to what happened on April 26, 1783 – when 7000 Loyalists set sail from New York for Canada, bringing a total of 100,000 Loyalists who have now fled America…right after February 4, 1783 – when England officially declared an end to hostilities in America.
    The political climate had already changed in the uS…and that soon too…just like what happened during the Bush and Obama administrations…with the help of the suddenly legal clandestine Intel.(CIA)
    That type departure of citizens in the uS has happened on many occasions in the uS…especially during periods of war that the uS has fought politically against Nations like Saudia Arabia and acted as if no one actually knew what they were doing or had publicly announced.
    Many in the uS are busy acting normal while they are surrounded by a permeation of perpetual crime…only excited by the secret clandestine groups in the us that include the secret collegiate ones exampled by the Skull and Bones society of Yale…that has always yelled for money when people were actually bleeding….involved in an actual emergency situation.
    Everyone have a wonderful day…surf’s up…

  • April 3, 2012 at 5:39 am

    It’s clear for the blind that US is following its agenda with Syria as it did with Libya.It is such an agenda that gives others like Gulf states and EU the chance to feel important and self-imposing and independent.
    The problem is there are other people in the world that lack this kind of complacency and possess the means to follow own agenda.
    And those combined can well ruine the world for good.


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