Pakistan PM Condemns Terrorism, No Further Details Of Bin Laden Killing


While Pakistani Prime Minister claimed to have no minute details of Osama Bin Landen’s killing incident, strongly condemned terrorism and said that the country will not allow its soil to be used for terrorism against any other country.

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani talking to newsmen said that Pakistan suffered thousands of lives of its soldiers, civilians, women and children in the fight against terrorism.

When asked about killing of Osama Bin Laden, he said he does not have minute details of the incident.

Intelligence sharing was involved in the operation, he added.

However, he said that it was an embarrassment for the whole world that Osama could not be captured earlier despite the latest technology.

Osama was found in a remote hilly area of Abbottabad and his body was in Afghanistan, he added.

The Premier said that Pakistan has intelligence sharing agreement with United States and other countries.

“We have good relations and multi-dimensional cooperation with the US in fields of health, education, defence and culture”, he said.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be in Pakistan later this month and President Zardari is also due in US in coming weeks, said the Prime Minister.

He said further ties of Pakistan and US are not hostage to a single incident and they have to move forward in their bilateral relations.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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