Iran: Female Prisoners Demand Apology For “Attack”


Thirty-three female prisoners at Evin Prison have called on the warden to issue an official apology for the “offensive attack” they suffered, opposition websites report.

The Kaleme website published a letter signed by 33 political prisoners in Evin Prison’s women’s section. The letter objects to the forced inspection and bodily searches the prisoners were recently subjected to by a group of prison officials.


The letter, signed by prominent political prisoners such as Nasrin Sotoudeh, Faezeh Hashemi, Bahareh Hedayat, Shiva Nazar Ahari and Jila Bani Yaghoub, says: “We will no longer permit such irregular and insulting inspections and insist that officials issue an apology with promises that such actions will no be repeated and that the confiscated belongings of the prisoners are returned to them or their families.”

Earlier, Kaleme reported that after the female prisoners in Evin Prison’s political prisoner section were subjected to a forced search and inspection, nine prisoners announced that they would refuse food in protest against such treatment.

Meanwhile, Nasrin Sotoudeh has been on a hunger strike for more than two weeks in protest against her treatment in prison and the restrictions placed upon her family visits.

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