Victim Mentality: A Symptom Of Demographic Decline – OpEd


By White Mountain

A pertinent issue to address is the stance of Western societies. Why do American university students align themselves with Palestine? They undoubtedly hold sincere convictions in their cause. Perhaps they are emulating their predecessors, who once took to the streets of Western societies, similarly waving flags and chanting slogans. That was indeed how the university students of that era appeared to be.

The question is, why are today’s American university students doing the same thing? Why have they started adopting their parents’ old ways?

The real issue lies elsewhere. The core issue is demographic decline or sub-replacement fertility. Western societies also have a group of privileged young people who suffer from one problem: they refuse to grow up, or they do so at an incredibly slow pace, making adulthood a challenging process. They approach problems with remarkable immaturity, and their thought processes perpetually resemble those of children.

The “victim mentality” is a prime example. Those who refuse to grow up naturally consider problems from the perspective of the so-called “victims”, viewing affairs through the lens of superficial victimhood, perceiving that others need their help. The definition of “victimhood” here largely depends on the quality of the performance, with no uniform standard. Thus, in societies grappling with demographic decline, this would be the way young people see the world. In general, as long as the performance is convincing and the portrayal of victimhood is compelling, these individuals who refuse to grow up will believe almost anything. They quickly become weapons in the hands of others, making them exceptionally dangerous.

In essence, the issue is simple. The complexity arises because the world’s cunning politicians, watching all this unfold, imitate organizations like Hamas and rush to play the role of the weak rather than the strong. Through this, they can easily deceive the masses and garner sympathy and support. Of course, there are also immature individuals who have not kept up with international relations and geopolitical trends, and they are the ones who inappropriately play the role of the strong, especially at inopportune moments. For these individuals, the world’s response is to look on with indifference, as there is no need for sympathy.


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