Bahraini Resistance Claims Responsibility For Attack On Israel


For the first time since the start of the war, the Islamic Resistance in Bahrain has declared its responsibility for an attack on an Israeli target in the Eilat region, in southern Israel.

This is the first time that a Bahraini-based group has taken action as part of growing regional solidarity with Gaza. 

The Ashtar Brigades said that they have hit the Israeli target using drones, and that their action was done in solidarity with “the patient people in resisting Gaza”.

The Bahraini Brigades said in a statement on Thursday that its target was  the headquarters of the “company responsible for ground transportation in the Zionist entity (Trucknet)”. 

Even though the statement was made on Thursday, the operation was carried out on April 27, they claimed.

The group said that they will continue their attacks on Israel until the war stops. 

Below is the full statement by Saraya Al-Ashtar.

“The Islamic Resistance in Bahrain – Saraya Al-Ashtar – announces the targeting of the headquarters of the company responsible for ground transportation in the Zionist entity (Trucknet) in the city of Umm al-Rashrash in occupied Palestine (Eilat), on Tuesday, April 27, 2024, using drones, in support of the Palestinian cause and in solidarity with our resisting people in Gaza.

“The Islamic Resistance in Bahrain affirms that it will continue its movements and support on all fronts for our patient people in resisting Gaza, and that it will not cease its operations until the zionist aggression on Gaza stops.”

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