US: Why Did Ex-Marine Kill Two Colleagues? – OpEd


By Vladimir Gladkov

A new shooting tragedy has shaken America. A 23-year-old ex-marine opened fire at his co-workers at a Pathmark supermarket in the early hours on Friday gunning down two people – an 18-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man. The killer, Terence Tyler, then turned the gun on himself. According to police, he was armed with a handgun and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The recent shooting served as yet another reminder of the problem of easy access to firearms in the US. Mass killings perpetrated by mentally ill people have become part of everyday life. Every year dozens of people become victims to psychos who can easily purchase all sorts of firearms, including automatic weapons.

United States
United States

The tragedy in New Jersey followed the scenario of a number of similar incidents which have occurred in the US over the past few years, including the Columbine high school massacre, and the Colorado theatre shooting. The killers are invariably identified as individuals suffering from psychic disorders who resort to weapons in order to vent their frustration at failing to integrate into society.

Psychopaths and “troubled” teenagers who tend to resolve their problems through violence are part of any society. But the surprising thing is that in America, where more and more innocent lives are lost to psycho killers every year, the laws regulating the sale of weapons are getting softer.

Paradoxically, purchasing firearms has become less of a problem since the Columbian school massacre. Judging by a string of tragic incidents of late, a mentally unstable person armed with a gun poses a far more real threat than terrorists, whom special services continue to portray as the main threat. Even the staunchest of weapons enthusiasts demand tougher laws concerning the sale of weapons. According to a recent survey, most Americans who possess weapons and are members of the National Rifle Association support the demand.

This, however, seems to be at odds with the interests of the weapons lobby. Naturally, weapons makers want to sell their products to a greater number of customers. Surprisingly, US politicians, like Republicans led by Mitt Romney, continue to jig to the tune of corporations, or hush up the issue altogether, like Democrats run by Barack Obama. It was only recently that Obama ventured to suggest changes to the legislation. The unscrupulousness of political leaders causes a lot of suffering to ordinary Americans, each of which risks falling prey to a new armed psychopath.


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One thought on “US: Why Did Ex-Marine Kill Two Colleagues? – OpEd

  • September 4, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    An opinion is just an opinion, without any facts to back it up. Even an Op/Ed should strive to establish some credibility. Why not cover the many incidents wherein a responsible licensed weapon carrier disabled or killed the phsycho and prevented several deaths? Where is your supporting evidence of your assertion that “even the staunchest of weapons enthusiasts demand tougher laws concerning the sales of weapons”. What survey are you siting which shows NRA members support the demand”?

    Two armed men burst into Shoney’s restaurant
    in Anniston, Alabama and herded the patrons and employees into
    a walk-in refrigerator, at gun point. The robbers kept the
    manager behind for his assistance as they looted the
    restaurant. One patron, however, also remained behind.
    Thomas Glenn Terry had opted against being locked in a
    refrigerator, and hid from the attackers under a table.

    As one of the armed robbers ransacked the cash register,
    another patroled the restaurant. When he came across
    Mr. Terry, he pulled his gun.

    But unlike the recent victims in Atlanta, this victim
    was armed. Using his own legally concealed handgun,
    Terry shot and killed the robber. The other armed robber,
    who had had his gun trained on the manager, then opened
    fire on Terry. Terry shot back, mortally wounding the
    second robber. The two dozen hostages were released
    unharmed. Only the criminals — who had been armed
    with stolen guns by the way — didn’t make it out alive. _Ann Coulter

    A pshychopath doesn’t need a gun to kill people, but criminals are much more likely to think twice before attempting their crime amongst citizens who also are armed. Obama is a strong supporter of gun-control legislation. As such, the sale of firearms and amunition in the state of Virginia alone, reached never-before-seen records in the first 6 months of his presidency, as did the number of criminal background checks and concealed caryy permits. This coincided with falling crime rates, and particularly of violent crime.

    Next time why not research a little, and also, look for all the instances where a responsible, legal gun-carrying U.S. Citizen saved multiple lives by stopping one of those “psychos”.


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