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Nepal: Christians Split On Burial Protest Issue


As Christians in central Kathmandu demanding burial land entered their 13th day of a hunger strike and issued an “ultimatum” to the government, some religious leaders suggested the group should drop the issue.


The protesters want to be able to bury their dead and seek to force the government to give them burial plots.

But a Catholic priest, speaking on condition of anonymity, told “Why make it a issue in a small country where so many poor people do not even have a piece of land to live on.” Other Christians in the capital also expressed the opinion that the protesters should opt for cremation instead of insisting on burial rights.

A Protestant leader, Doctor Ramesh Khatry, who published an article in a Katmandu newspaper calling on Christians to opt for cremation, commented: “I am not going to be liked by some Christian pastors for writing this, pray for me.”


In the piece in Republica on April 3, Khatry praised Catholics for their practically “simple and sane” option to cremate, rather than bury.

But Pastor Sunder Thapa, president of the Christian Advisory Committee for Nepal’s new constitution, said the protest would continue.


“We have made preparations to take corpses and sit in front of the Constitutional Assembly building,” he said. “We have served our ultimatum to the government that if nothing is done within two days – on our 16th day – we will knock at their most powerful gate, but peacefully and without denouncing or speaking against any group or individual.”

Some three dozen fasting Christians men and women wearing flower garlands continue to sing hymns, and pray seated under a tent in Shanti Batika (Peace Garden) in central Kathmandu near the clock tower.

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2 thoughts on “Nepal: Christians Split On Burial Protest Issue

  • April 4, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    It’s shameful for the Nepali Christians to act in such a way. They have theft the Christian Religion for money. The westerners are preaching this religion in the east with their money and not with their faith. If your religion is good it’s not important to preach. The Christians are causing havoc in poor countries and they are killing the poor people. The are the cause of TERRORISM. Look around the world and you will find out that Christians are the causes of any kind of voilence. Now Nepal will have this type of religious voilence because of these Christians. The Nepali Pastors and fathers are working for money, so the are trying to destabilise Nepal.

  • November 1, 2011 at 7:33 am

    Dear Friend,
    Thank you for the comment, when I saw it I stumbled but it’s not your fault but effect of cultural relativism. Probably you have already got comment from others. I made comment on your view as follows:
    1) Religion never theft but belief in system. Christians make financial and other contribution for Christianity.
    2) Good things always be publicity and promoted (like hindi film promotion, any new mobile advertisement after production phase) so it’s the natural to promote. In other hand BIBLE always says preach my word to other community to be saved from sin.
    Every people are sinner: for small eg. If we saw good things in road our mind wants to have it because it comes from our soul. Whether we are capable or not to obtain it but we need it.
    3) Christian are not killing poor people but supporting, you can mother Teresa support. Plz. be noted that Nepal Budget depends on DONOR support and Most of DONORS are CHRISTIAN COUNTRY (DFID, UN, US AIR, Austrisil, CARE, Mercy corps. Etc)
    4) Christian discourages Terrorisms. JESUS is the peace preacher he never fight (you can see in bible)
    5) Christians are never a cause of violence its depends on time. Any religion can be cause be violence (Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhism). If so were these war cause of christinity ( JUNGE Kot Parba, Peoples War, Royal Massacre , Prithivi NarayanShah ) ?
    6) Who is not working for money? Not Brahmin? Any human works they are eligible for wages its natural phenomenon.
    Bible Says: only believing JESUS you can enter in Heaven and your all sins will be washed out.
    Thank you and Regards,


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