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Nationality Agreement Between Spain And France Enters Into Force


Citizens of France and Spain will be able to acquire the other nationality without having to renounce their nationality of origin. France is the first country outside Latin America with which Spain has signed such an agreement.


The nationality agreement, which was signed on March 15, 2021 between France and Spain went into effect on April 1, 2022. To establish the criteria for application, the General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Faith, reporting to the Ministry of Justice, has issued the Instruction dated March 31, which will be imminently published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The Instruction of the Ministry of Justice also affects all Spanish and French citizens who, prior to the April 1, 2022 date, have acquired the nationality of one or the other country, respectively, and, therefore, have renounced their previous nationality, since from now on they can benefit from the provisions of this new Agreement and enjoy their dual nationality from the date on which they apply for it.

The Instruction approves the application guidelines and registry procedures that allow the implementation of the nationality agreement between Spain and France, applicable in all Civil Registry Offices and Notaries that may be affected, both in Spanish territory and in Consular Offices.

This agreement, signed in the French city of Montauban a year ago, settles a historical debt with the Republican exiles, while reinforcing the citizenship rights of Spaniards living in France and French citizens in Spain, which means an improvement in their conditions in their country of residence.


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