Tunisian Music Diva Shayma Helali Ties The Knot

Tunisian singer Shayma Helali posted on her Instagram account the first photo from her wedding, of herself and her groom, Sayidaty magazine reported on Wednesday.

She had made a surprise visit to Tunisia and had a discreet wedding in the presence of her family and close friends, during which photography was not allowed.

Helali posted a video of diamond shoes with a letter from her husband, who she described as “the love of my life.”

The letter read: “Today is our day, a day we will share for the rest of our life, a day we will remember with happiness and love. I love you Shayma.”

Egyptian singer Saad Al-Saghir performed at the wedding, along with Tunisian singers Rami Khalil and Zaza Shamseddine Bacha, who said he had no idea the bride was Helali until he arrived at the wedding and saw her.

She is spending her honeymoon in the US after spending a day in Milan, Sayidaty reported.

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