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Spain’s Unemployment Falls By 167,467 In March Versus Same Month Last Year


The number of recorded unemployed at the State Public Employment Services in March 2019 fell by 167,467 on the same month last year at a year-on-year rate of 4.89%.

n seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment fell by 12,692 people on the previous month.

The total number of recorded unemployed in March 2019 fell by 33,956 on the previous month. In relative terms, the unemployment rate fell by 1.03%.

Accordingly, the total number of unemployed now stands at 3,255,084.

Unemployment among men stands at 1,338,897, a fall of 21,328 (down 1.57%). The number of unemployed women has fallen by 12,268 on the previous month (down 0.65%) to a total figure of recorded unemployed women of 1,916,187. Compared with March 2018, unemployment among men has fallen by 115,223 (down 7.92%), and unemployment among women by 52,244 (down 2.65%).

Unemployment among young people under the age of 25 also fell, by 1,661 (down 0.62%) on the previous month, while unemployment fell by 32,295 (down 1.07% among those 25 years of age and over.

By sector of economic activity, recorded unemployment fell in Industry by 4,000 (down 1.41%), in Construction by 4,555 (down 1.71%) and in Services by 32,401 (down 1.4%). Unemployment increased in Agriculture by 1,722 (up 1.12%) and among first-time job seekers by 5,278 (up 1.9%).

Recorded unemployment fell in 16 autonomous regions, mainly in Andalusia (down 8,040), the Region of Valencia (down 5,200) and the Balearic Islands (down 3,364). In contrast, it rose in La Rioja (up 119). 

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