EU Mulls Banning Iranian Gas


The European Union is considering a plan to boycott Iranian gas imports in another move to arrest Iran’s nuclear program.

Reuters reports that the EU member states are preparing a new package of sanctions against Iran to be considered at the October 15 meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

The report adds that the member states have already reached a deal regarding the new measures, which include new wider sanctions on finance and energy.


Reuters reported that, according to a diplomat, there is agreement on banning gas imports from Iran and the plan is supported by France, Britain and Germany.

The EU adopted a complete ban on Iranian oil imports in July as well as sanctions on dealing with Iranian financial institutions.

Iran does not export much gas to the EU; therefore, the new measures will be a mostly symbolic act.

Iranian gas is delivered to the European countries through Turkey and is combined with gas exports from Azerbaijan.

Greece and Bulgaria are two EU members that purchase gas through the Turkish route, and the EU countries have to discuss the impact that a ban would have on their economies.

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