CIA Monitoring Worldwide Facebook And Twitter Posts


The CIA monitors social media activity around the world from an unassuming warehouse in Virginia.

As many as 5 million tweets, Facebook status updates, blog posts, comments, radio and television stations – anything that is made openly communicated – are tracked by a government agency set up in response to the 9/11 Commission’s report.

“Vengeful librarians,” as the agents at the Open Source Center are called, are trained to look at social media activity in various languages, on various platforms, from various countries.

The agency gauged public opinion after the U.S.-led attack that killed Osama Bin Laden, by tracking online activity across the Middle East. The agency also predicted uprisings in Iran, Egypt and elsewhere in the region.

In places where media is biased, stifled or forced out of publication, the agency is able to use social media updates to gain access to new information. Agents are placed globally, in U.S. embassies, to help keep a closer eye on certain areas.

Tweets can’t be attributed to location, so experts at the agency cross-reference the language used with the content of the message to determine a more specific location, according to the report.

In cases where the agency must rely on civilian reports, agents use the limited media reports, available intelligence and social media trends to determine whom among the informants they can trust. The report said that social media users tend to correct each other, so the best information is usually cultivated communally.

The decision to focus on social media sites was born out of the Iranian elections of 2009. Agents were able to pinpoint which group dissented against the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through the language-Farsi-used in social media.

It is unknown how long the agency has been working, but the 9/11 Commission, whose findings created this agency, was set up in late 2002, according to the Associated Press.


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One thought on “CIA Monitoring Worldwide Facebook And Twitter Posts

  • November 5, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    No wonder the Americans are intruding into the lives of each and every civilian globally. But they are paying through their bankruptcy also. They are a most warring nation on this globe but
    they keep the blames reserved for others because they control the IT and the most English media all over the world. US also thrives on its “Bank-Weapon Industry-Warring nations-Spurious Diplomacy aka duplicity” games.

    Indian media are a pseudo-secular western copycats with no brain of their own to apply. Most of the major newspapers in India just reproduce the articles published in the myriads of Western English magazines. It is unfortunate but true. Because almost all of them have been to Nehruvian schools and night life tastes.

    Another distinct phenomena starkly noticeable on the Indian electronic TV media is, “They grab a few clips on the scenes and keep repeating the same clip till the midnight stupidly and shamelessly”. They befool themselves and their people but forget that they are also being watched by the same international media who are on the lookout of your weakness. Most of the media owners are least bothered for Sovereignty more than their western credentiality. It is a shameful journalism feels nauseating.

    World is passing through a great period of hypocrisy and psychological thought holocaust. I
    am keeping my money reserved for a cataclysm this globe has become overdue.

    Let us wait and see.


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