American Administration Is Complicit In Supporting The Assad Regime – OpEd


By The Syrian Organization for Human Rights

The Syrian crisis was strongly present on the agenda of the US presidential debates. Those who followed the points where both candidates met and diverged on the Syrian crisis:

  • Both candidates described the Syrian crisis as a civil war and not a popular uprising against a tyrant regime.
  • None of the candidates have any serious intentions whatsoever to take an action to end the bloodshed in Syria.
  • None of the candidates admitted the escalating violence in Syria is due to the stalemate and inaction by the UNSC.
  • Both candidates confined themselves to widely known and repeatedly told slogans such as “Assad is killing his people”, “Assad must step donw”
  • The only thing they both agreed on competed aggressively with each other is the loyalty to Israel and its safety.
Syria - United States Relations
Syria – United States Relations

In this case Romney said: America must play a leading role in providing weapons to the Syrian armed opposition, but of course after consultation with their close friends “Israel”

Obama elaborates by saying that the US is organizing international efforts to deal with the Syrian crisis.

While Obama’s real goal, which he called the organization of the international community is to ensure the supremacy of the military regime,And ensure that the rebels do not get modern weapons.

The Syrian Organization for Human Rights believes both candidates are very much alike and both are dealing with the Syrians crisis based on an agenda imposed on them by Israel.

Both candidates don’t know that the first military coup in Syria that took place on March 30, 1949 was set up at U.S. Embassy in Damascus and was funded and planned by the US intelligence officer “Miles Copeland,”

The American administration is complicit in supporting the Assad regime, which abused the Syrian people since the 1970 and left all this bloodshed and sorrow and pain for the Syrians to deal with.

The United States bears legal and moral responsibility towards the Syrian people today as a member of the UN Security Council who’s responsible for the international peace and security under the Charter 7 of the United Nations.

Britain also has reaped the results of this coup and granted Refineries Co. Ltd. British concession of Iraqi oil exports from Banias for 70 years exempt from taxes and duties.

The Syrian Organization for Human Rights believes that the American and British people believe in peace, justice and equality and had they have done a great efforts to establish an international regulations for the human rights and therefore they should must act as real partners of the Syrian people.

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