Egypt: Morsi Flees Palace As Hundreds Of Thousands Protest Outside


Protestors in Egypt upped the ante on Tuesday night, bringing demonstrations to the door of Morsi’s palace, clashing with police and forcing the president to flee.

More than 100,000 Egyptians gathered in the evening to vent their anger over the recent decree that has left the president seemingly above the law, giving him immunity from prosecution.

Since issuing the decree, Morsi has rushed through a constitution, which many in the country are unhappy with. His citizens have just under two weeks before the referendum begins although the country’s powerful judges said they will not preside over the vote, robbing it of much of its legitimacy.


Protestors dubbed the latest demonstration outside the palace as “The Last Warning” and opposition parties have threatened to begin a program of civil disobedience if the government continues to ignore their concerns. Police fired tear gas at those gathered at the palace last night, while protestors chanted for the downfall of the regime and cut through the barbed wire surrounding the building.

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