Spain Charges Two Russian Citizens in Al-Qaeda Terror Plot


Spain has charged two Russian nationals of Chechen origin with links to al-Qaeda and possession of explosives, days after they were detained over allegations of involvement in a terror plot.

­The men have pleaded not guilty. They are currently under arrest until further court proceedings.

Russia - Spain Relations
Russia – Spain Relations

The two are connected with Turk Cengiz Yalcin, who was already charged Friday with storing bomb-making material and a device likely to be used in a terror attack, La Razon, a Spanish newspaper, reports.

One of the suspects’ names is Eldar Magomedov, although he introduced himself as Ahmad Avar to police earlier. The other identified himself as Muhammad Adamov.

Magomedov is known to have been a member of several terrorist organizations, according to the FSB, Russia’s domestic intelligence agency.

He is also known to American security services under the name “Muslin Dost.”

Spain arrested the Russians and the Turk on Wednesday, with Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz saying there are “clear indications” that the suspects were planning a terror attack in Spain or somewhere else in Europe.

Reports quoted Yalcin as saying that he had met the other two in Turkey, and that they had come to Europe seeking asylum.

The men are “extremely dangerous people,” and one is a “very important operative in al-Qaeda’s international structure,” Diaz told AFP.

However, police found no documents confirming the information.

Adamov and Magomedov were arrested on a bus heading for the French border, while Yalcin was detained in a flat located in southern province of Andalucía.

The two Russians were taken to court early Sunday, escorted by masked police officers.

Authorities suggest Adamov and Magomedov are al-Qaeda operatives, while the Turk is simply a facilitator for the notorious group.


RT, previously known as Russia Today, is a global multilingual news network that is funded by the Russian government and has been labelled as a propaganda outlet by the US State Department.

One thought on “Spain Charges Two Russian Citizens in Al-Qaeda Terror Plot

  • August 6, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Russians are usually not against their home country … they may have been trained again by the uS…like the ones in Libia…put in a position where they were caught to do what the NSC says or be killed.
    The NSA has a new computer center in Utah that could have even been involved.
    Too bad that the uS believes in secrets…all you need do is blink your eyes and see what the difference is in governing 10 years there in Washington to wreck their own legal system.
    Mathematicians are pridicting now that the uS has only until 2016 to end in total war with itself.


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