Sri Lanka: President Sirisena To Block Salary Hike For MPs


Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena says that he will not approve any increase in the salary for Members of Parliament.He made these comments while addressing the gathering during an event in Polonnaruwa on Saturday. The President stated that he will not allow to increase of the salary of MPs even by 5 cents.

Certain reports published in newspapers and websites had claimed that the salary of MPs was to be increased by 215% and that the relevant proposal has been submitted to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

However, the Speaker’s Office issued a statement in response to these reports, saying that no final decision has been taken on the matter. The statement said that according to a proposal passed in the Parliament on 2006.11.23 it was decided that the increase of salaries for MPs and Ministers should be carried out parallel to the salary increase of judges of the higher courts.

On this backdrop, the Speaker recently sent the notifications received by him pointing that the salaries of MPs should match the recent salary increase in the judicial sector, to the Secretary General of Parliament in order to present observations. “However, no final decision has been taken so far regarding an increase of the salaries of MPs and Ministers,” the release said.

It also said that opinions can be sought during the party leaders’ meeting and finally from the public representatives in Parliament as to whether the decision taken on 2006.11.23 or another procedure will be followed when reaching a decision on this matter.

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