Repsol Best European Energy Company for Leadership


Repsol has been chosen as Best European Energy Company for Leadership according to a study carried out by the International consulting firm Hay Group.

This study, entitled Europe’s Best Companies for Leadership, evaluates the best companies on the continent in terms of the quality of their executive leadership. Repsol is the only energy company among the top 10 in the ranking drawn up from the analysis.

The study which involved 3,769 people from 1,827 firms across the world, examines how the best companies have shown a more comprehensive and cooperative focus, adapting their leadership practices to an environment of gradual recovery and economic growth.

For Hay Group’s Regional director of leadership and talent for Europe and Middle East, Georg Vielmetter, “The study reveals that the best companies for Leaders search for ideas at all levels of the organisation. The 10 Best European Companies for Leadership have acted quickly in response to the change presented by leadership”.

The report concludes that these 10 companies use the best employment practices that help to perfectly balance family and work life. This gives them a competitive advantage when trying to attract and maintain professional talent, thus improving their potential and performance.

Hay Group has been conducting the Best Companies for Leadership study since 2005. This is the first time that the company has provided specific lists according to regions. The report is based on an online questionnaire filled out by the organisations and on the nominations that each respondent made regarding other companies. The list was drawn up using the response of 887 participants with European Headquarters.

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