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Egypt FM Hails GCC Intervention In Bahrain


Egypt stressed on Wednesday Gulf states’ Arab identity is a “red line” after they accused Tehran of trying to destabilize Bahrain.


Cairo also hailed a Saudi-led force which entered Bahrain amid Shiite protests against the regime.

The Egyptian comments come as Cairo expressed its readiness to warm relations with Tehran. Egypt has had no formal diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979.


In a statement, Egypt’s foreign minister Dr. Nabil al-Arabi said “the stability and Arabhood of the Arab Gulf countries is a red line against which Egypt rejects any trespass.”

Arabi said that Gulf countries “succeeded in moving in a coordinated fashion to preserve the security of Bahrain, giving a practical application to the concept of collective security in the Gulf region.”

The minister also “welcomed the results of the latest ministerial meeting for the Gulf Cooperation Council.”


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One thought on “Egypt FM Hails GCC Intervention In Bahrain

  • April 7, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Mr. Arabi must be seeing things like Bahrain TV which we call it in Bahrain (The ONE “1” Eye TV)!!! GOD Bless Egypt…


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