Exploring Challenges In Learning For Nursing Students In Morocco


Learning in real healthcare settings is crucial for nursing students. It helps them develop practical skills and apply what they learn in the classroom. However, many undergraduate nursing students find clinical learning to be tough, and the theory-practice gap is usually wide.

A recent study in Morocco, published in The Open Public Health Journal aimed to understand the challenges faced by nursing students during their practical training in various clinical settings. Using a method called phenomenological qualitative design, researchers spoke with 34 nursing students in their second and third years of study between March and July 2023. They analyzed the information gathered using thematic analysis.

The study revealed that students encountered several difficulties during their practical training, impacting their skill development. The main issues included a disconnect between classroom learning and real-world practice, insufficient support in clinical environments, lack of supervision, and poorly scheduled internships. Students agreed that changes were needed to improve learning in real healthcare settings.

The findings highlight the challenges Moroccan nursing students face during practical training and offer suggestions for educators to better support them. The study emphasizes the importance of addressing clinical learning challenges and providing adequate clinical supervision to support nursing students effectively. The researchers call for further research and discussions on implementing changes to enhance nursing education in Morocco.

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