Afghanistan: Karzai Condemns NATO Airstrike And Civilian Victims


Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai returned early from a visit to China, saying that a NATO airstrike that yesterday left 18 civilians dead “can in no way be justifiable”.

Coalition planes targeted an area in the Logar province, in central Afghanistan, also killing four children. NATO referred it is investigating the case, claiming that it conducted a “precision operation” against a group of rebels.

Various local and international sources however confirmed numerous civilian casualties. Karzai, who was in Beijing to attend a regional security summit, stated that “operations that inflict human and material losses to civilians can in no way be justifiable, acceptable and tolerable”.

Yesterday’s airstrike comes a few hours from a double suicide attack along the road that takes from Kandahar to Spin Boldak, in the south. In this case, all of the around twenty victims were civilians.


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