Has Imran Khan Become Psychotic? – OpEd


The term “persecutory delusion” is used in psychology to describe a person who believes that everyone around his intends to harm or kill him.

Imran Khan seems to be a victim of this psychological condition. While attacks on individuals are common in the world, since the attack on Imran Khan, he has been claiming that he has identified ten possible plots to kill him.

“I will be suffocated with gas in my room.”

“I will be injected with something that will cause a heart attack and kill me.”

“I will be poisoned in my food.”

“I was told that water was mixed in the fuel of my helicopter to try to kill me.”

“I saw a person in Swabi who was launching rockets.”

“Zardari has given a contract for my murder to two people in FATA.”

“The commotion in the Judicial Complex was actually a planned scheme by the police to kidnap and then kill me.”

Despite these accusations, Imran Khan does not have any evidence. If asked, he responds that he has already been attacked, so there is no need for further proof. He also does not explain why he claims two attacks on every international forum. Why is there never any discussion about the obvious rocket launcher attack? 

Perhaps in the coming days, he will make more ‘revelations’. In his every speech he express the fear of his murder. Imran Khan is truly a victim of persecutory delusion. In simple terms, one can say that he has become a “psychopath.” A psychopath or psychiatric patient who is going crazy with the fear of his own death and is willing to kill thousands of people to save his own life.

Many people have been attacked. Many leaders in the world are at greater risk than Imran Khan. However, the ridiculous security that Imran Khan maintains around himself, no one else does. There is no example in the world of someone walking around with a bucket on his head. Pervez Musharraf was targeted in two suicide attacks that damaged his car. The driver and companion were martyred, and terrorism was at its peak at that time. Still, Pervez Musharraf never moved around with such a security cordon.

When Imran Khan says, “If I am arrested, don’t sit at home. Because death is better than slavery. Our slogan frees us from the fear of death. People sacrifice their lives for freedom. So if I am arrested, come out.”

In simple terms, one can say that Imran Khan is appealing to the public that if I am arrested, fight for me. Do another 9th May. Impose the same death that is being imposed on me on yourselves, but save me. This is true freedom. Apparently, he cannot make this appeal in clear words. He also has to maintain the illusion of his bravery. Therefore, he use slogans like real freedom, the command of religion, liberation from slavery, and breaking the chains of fear, and so on. However, he is never ready to break the chains of fear himself.

It is a separate issue as to who played a bigger role in turning Imran Khan from a political leader into a psychopath. Perhaps those people who are closest to Imran Khan have played the most significant role.

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is an Independent political analyst with expertise on national political issues, global politics, state policies, and national governance.

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