American Dream Fading Quickly: ‘Brain Drain’ In Reverse? – OpEd


By Jared DeLuna

As America faces more economic hardships many business people are looking for new ventures aboard. They are searching for the American Dream, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the very ideals that brought millions to America in the first place.

Many developing countries have been giving America their best citizens for years, now it looks like this may be on the reversal.

United States
United States

Krik Semple, writer for The New York Times, wrote “For generations, the world’s less-developed countries have suffered the so-called ‘brain drain’ – the flight of many of their best and brightest to the West. That has not stopped, but now a reverse flow has begun, particularly countries like China and India and, to a lesser extent, Brazil and Russia.”

A new statistic published by the US State Department has stated that around 6.4 million Americans are either working or studying overseas.

“Enterprising Americans have always sought opportunities abroad. But this new wave underscores the evolving nature of global migration, and the challenges to American economic supremacy and competitiveness.” Krik Semple added.

The reason why so many Americans are leaving might be because of the dismal job market and gaining new prospects from aboard.

However, one has to think can Americans actually find the American Dream in a place like Russia? Kyle Keeton, creator of, an online blog about life for an American in Russia, believes that they can’t.

“Russia is not America. An American has been conditioned to think that the American Dream is very important. The American Dream is to keep up with the neighbors and have lots of material items. The American Dream is a life of luxury.” Kyle Keeton told The Voice of Russia.

Russia may actually be able to offer American business people many luxuries. According to, an online ranking and records site, Russia has the third most amount of billionaires. America may host the most but the grip is slipping to China and Russia.

Also according to Forbes Magazine, New York City has slipped to second place as the home for the most billionaires, falling to Moscow, Russia.

Many Americans may be leaving America not just because of the dismal job market, but also taxes and political reasons. Recently the Facebook co-founder has been in the news because the government believes he tried to avoid some taxes.

Eduardo Saverin moved to Singapore in 2009 which is long before Facebook went public earlier this year. He has since the opening, renounced his US citizenship, he claims he did this not to avoid paying takes, but rather because he has interests in the Singapore market. “My relocation is based solely on my interest in working and living in Singapore, where I have been living since 2009.”

While many may leave because they are in search for more money, Kyle Keeyton believes they leave for another reason. “They leave not because of political issues. They leave because they see quality of life that they have lost in America. They see that quality and quantity of life in other parts of the world.” He added.

As life throughout the world becomes more and more mixed together, people from around the world will be looking for new business ventures. It is now up to the governments to try and keep their people employed and let them build their future in their home countries.


VOR, or the Voice of Russia, was the Russian government's international radio broadcasting service from 1993 until 2014, when it was reorganised as Radio Sputnik.

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