US: Oregon Rejects Legalizing Marijuana, But Colorado, Washington Voters Approve Similar Measures


Oregon voters have rejected a measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use, although voters in Colorado and Washington states have approved similar measures.

The legalizing of marijuana on a state law effectively sets the stage for a showdown with Washington D.C., as the possession of marijuana is a federal crime.

Of the three states, Oregon’s Measure 80 was the most liberal, and would have allowed unlimited personal recreational use and the growing of marijuana, as well as the selling of marijuana in state-run stores. All three measures were billed as an alternative form for their states to gather tax revenues.

Relatedly, in Massachusetts it appears voters approved an initiative allowing people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, while a similar measure was shot down in Arkansas.

Analysts has said that the Washington referendum had the best chance of winning, as it effectively imposes a 25% tax on marijuana, which will be legal for those who are 21.

The Washington measure also establishes a blood-level for driving under the influence.

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