Niger Postpones Elections


Niger’s electoral commission has postponed local and regional elections scheduled for Saturday by three days, citing logistical problems.  

Niger’s electoral commission says the country will now hold its municipal and regional elections on Tuesday, instead of Saturday as planned.

Electoral commission president, Abdouramane Goushmane says the commission postponed the elections after it realized that all of the ballots would not be ready in time for the poll Saturday.

The local and regional polls are the first in a series of a elections this month meant to return the country to civilian rule after a military coup in February 2010.

Goushmane said this postponement will not affect the timing of legislative elections and a presidential poll planned for January 31.

Niger has been under military rule since February, when the army overthrew the country’s increasingly unpopular leader, President Mamadou Tandja.  The military promised elections within the year. The new constitution, voted on by referendum in October, gives the army until April 6 to restore civilian rule.


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