Allal El Fassi: A Beacon Of Moroccan Nationalism – OpEd


Allal El Fassi: theologian, thinker, politician, poet, and leader, embodied the essence of Moroccan nationalism in the 20th century. His multifaceted contributions and unwavering commitment to Moroccan sovereignty make him an unparalleled figure in our nation’s history.

Born on January 10, 1910, in Fes, El Fassi was steeped in the traditions of scholarship and patriotism from a young age. His early activism, marked by protests against the Berber Decree of 1930, landed him in the prisons of the colonial regime. Rejecting the confines of academia, he resigned from his teaching position to pursue his political convictions fully.

In his seminal work, ‘Self-criticism,’ El Fassi urged Moroccan society to undergo a collective introspection, confronting uncomfortable truths to pave the way for evolution and progress. He envisioned an intellectual revolution, advocating for a transformation of mentalities essential for the nation’s emancipation.

Despite facing exile and imprisonment for his beliefs, El Fassi remained steadfast in his quest for Moroccan independence. His exile in Gabon and later in Cairo did not deter him from organizing resistance movements and forging alliances with fellow nationalists across the Maghreb and the Arab world.

El Fassi’s philosophy of true humanism transcended Western materialism, emphasizing spiritual fulfillment and service to the homeland. He challenged the notion of man as the measure of all things, advocating instead for a divine path that elevated the soul and nurtured patriotic fervor.

As we reflect on El Fassi’s legacy, we are reminded of the enduring importance of his ideals in shaping Morocco’s national identity. His call for intellectual revolution and unwavering dedication to sovereignty continue to inspire us as we navigate the challenges of the modern world.

In honoring Allal El Fassi, we reaffirm our commitment to his vision of a free, enlightened, and prosperous Morocco, guided by the principles of justice, dignity, and unity.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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