Iran: Police To Tighten Security Over Public Dress Code


Islamic Republic police has announced they will heighten the enforcement of dress-code laws all across Iran.

Mehr News Agency quotes Ahmadreza Radan, the deputy commander of the security forces, saying: “Those with a history of violating the hijab [Islamic dress code] and the manufacturers of inappropriate clothing will be dealt with.”


“Tight clothing for men or women, head scarves that do not properly cover the hair, short and inappropriate outfits, and symbols of deviant movements and satanic groups will be targeted by the officials,” Radan added. Even the distributors of inappropriate clothing will be pursued, he said.

Tehran’s police chief has also recently announced the creation of local security centres to address public dress-code violations by both women and men. He added that tourists are not exempt from these regulations, and travel agencies are responsible for informing their clients about Islamic Republic laws.

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