Deceptive Leaders, Exploited Foot Soldiers – OpEd


The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, commonly known as the TTP, has been a thorn in Pakistan’s side for an extended period. It is vital to unmask this organization and expose the insidious nature of its leadership, their manipulation of innocent individuals, and the impact of their actions on the general populace. By shedding light on the true character of the TTP, we can better understand the challenges Pakistan faces in its relentless fight against terrorism.

The TTP leaders have consistently portrayed themselves as warriors of faith, fighting for what they claim to be a righteous cause. They have exploited religion as a facade to legitimize their actions and attract misguided individuals to their ranks. However, the truth behind their leadership is far from the image they project. Instead of leading from the front, these leaders operate comfortably from safe havens in Afghanistan. This stark contrast between their rhetoric and their actual behavior reveals their duplicitous nature. The TTP has seen a revolving door of leaders, each promising to fulfill their vision of a so-called holy war, yet none of them have displayed the courage to stand alongside their foot soldiers on the front lines. This raises questions about their true commitment to the cause they espouse. While the TTP leadership enjoys the relative safety of Afghan sanctuaries, their fighters face the harsh and hostile conditions of Pakistan, often paying the ultimate price. This significant contrast between the leadership’s comfort and the sacrifices made by their fighters underscores their opportunistic and cunning behavior.

The TTP leaders have repeatedly engaged in reconciliation attempts with the Pakistani government, exploiting these talks for personal gain. While negotiations proceed, they simultaneously seek to expand their influence in Pakistan. This opportunistic approach reveals their true priorities, as they prioritize power and control over any genuine pursuit of peace. The recent reconciliation efforts serve as a prime example of the TTP leadership’s manipulation. While they claim to be interested in resolving conflicts, they use the peace talks as an opportunity to strengthen their presence in Pakistan. Their efforts to increase their footprint in the country during negotiations highlight their crafty and self-serving motives.

The recent spate of targeted killings within the TTP leadership reveals another facet of their character—cowardice. These leaders, who exhort their followers to undertake suicide missions, are conspicuously absent from the front lines. They refrain from venturing into Pakistan and leading the so-called jihad, further exposing their unwillingness to risk their own lives. This stark contrast between their rhetoric and their actions paints a picture of leaders who are unwilling to practice what they preach. One of the most alarming aspects of the TTP’s operations is their manipulation and deceit. They have consistently targeted and enticed poor Afghan nationals to join their ranks, despite clear religious rulings against such actions. This duplicitous behavior serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it aids in recruiting fighters from Afghanistan for acts of terrorism in Pakistan through religious manipulation. Secondly, it seeks to create divisions between the Afghan government and Pakistan, furthering their nefarious designs. The TTP leaders’ willingness to use religious rhetoric to achieve their malicious goals is a cause for concern.

The foot soldiers of the TTP, often lured by promises of righteousness and glory, are treated as disposable assets. Their lives are disregarded for the sake of power and money, as evidenced by the recent wave of targeted killings within the TTP leadership. Infighting within the TTP, such as the ongoing media war between factions, only further highlights the leadership’s disregard for the lives of their fighters. Innocent individuals are systematically brainwashed and coerced into carrying out suicide attacks, while TTP leaders and their families remain well-protected, far from harm’s way. The exploitation of these vulnerable individuals showcases the TTP’s lack of moral and ethical values.

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of the TTP’s activities is their willingness to act as puppets for foreign entities. In exchange for financial support, they shed the blood of their fellow Muslims in Pakistan. This betrayal of their religious, ethical, and moral values reveals a stark departure from the principles of Islam. Instead of upholding the tenets of their faith, they act as barbarians who employ brutal force against their own people at the behest of their foreign masters. The TTP’s primary focus has been on advancing the interests of the Mehsood tribe, leaving other sub-groups and clans to serve their designs. Their actions demonstrate a complete disregard for Pakistan’s religious, ethical, moral, and cultural values, as they manipulate innocent people through religious coercion, intimidation, and fear tactics. The general populace in Pakistan is keenly aware of the TTP’s self-centered motives and their “Fasadi Agenda.”

Unmasking the true nature of the TTP—its deceptive leaders, exploitation of foot soldiers, and manipulation of innocent people—is crucial for understanding the challenges Pakistan faces in its fight against terrorism. The TTP’s tactics, driven by deceit and opportunism, are a stark reminder of the obstacles in the path to a more peaceful and prosperous Pakistan. However, with the unwavering unity of the people, the commitment of law enforcement agencies, and the resilience of the nation, the TTP’s agenda will be exposed and ultimately defeated.

Ali Khan Bangash

Ali Khan Bangash is a student of MPhil in International Relations at Quaid Azam University Islamabad.

One thought on “Deceptive Leaders, Exploited Foot Soldiers – OpEd

  • November 9, 2023 at 12:00 am

    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan members are as much Pakistani as Pakistani leadership. To say TTP is acting as puppet for foreign entity is like the pot calling Kettle Black. Pakistani government had handed over Pakistanis to US without any court orders. If this is not acting as puppet for foreign entity what it would be?


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