New Price Tag Mosque Burning Exposes Shin Bet’s Jewish Anti-Terror Chief – OpEd


Jewish terrorists rolled flaming tires into a West Bank mosque (Hebrew) in an attempt to burn it down.  It was the second such price tag attack on a Palestinian mosque.  They attacked the village of Burkina (or “Brukin”) near Ariel and also scrawled graffiti on its walls mocking the director of the Shin Bet’s Jewish anti-terror unit, Avigdor (Avi) Arieli (see accompanying image).  In Israeli media, the name has been blurred as intelligence officials may not be publicly identified.  Several Palestinian vehicles were incinerated in the latest arson assault.

It appears either intentionally or coincidentally, the settler arsonists were doing the work of the IDF itself as Josh Breiner reports in Walla that the army has told villagers it intends to destroy the mosque because it was allegedly built, as is all new Palestinian construction inside Israel and in the West Bank, without a permit (Israel routinely refuses to issue them).

In separate incidents, several IDF soldiers were arrested under suspicion that they were involved in price tag attacks against military vehicles and a West Bank base.  The Occupation army in the region is in many cases deeply entwined with the local settler population.

As vengeance for an earlier mosque arson in a different village, local Palestinian residents stoned Israeli cars traveling on a nearby road, accidentally killing an Israeli driver and his baby.  Clearly, these price tag attacks are intended to foment religious hatred and lead to a final confrontation between Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians.  Settlers seem to hope for a final holy war in which Jews will emerge triumphant and in sole possession of the land.

Though there have been some detentions for the latest series of price tag settler attacks, no one so far has been arrested and implicated in any specific crime except the Peace Now death threats.  The identity of that suspect, Dor Oved, is under gag order because his father is a Shin Bet officer.  Shahar Oved’s job reportedly involves working in the West Bank Arab terror unit.

This article appeared at Tikun Olam

Richard Silverstein

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