US Welcomes Venezuela Opposition’s Desire For Dialogue


The United States said Friday it welcomes the announcement by La Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, the coalition of opposition parties in Venezuela, reiterating its desire to participate in a serious, constructive dialogue with the executive branch.

“We continue to support the efforts by former Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero, former Panamanian President Torrijos and former Dominican President Fernandez to advance such a dialogue,” said John Kirby, Assistant Secretary and State Department spokesperson in a statement, adding, “We strongly urge both sides to participate constructively to address peacefully the serious challenges facing the Venezuelan people.”

Kirby said the US continues to join with countries in the region and around the world to call on the Venezuelan government to release all political prisoners, respect the constitutional role of the National Assembly, and allow the Venezuelan people to have their voices heard through constitutional mechanisms, such as the recall referendum, without delay.

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