Putin Attacking Not Just Ukraine But Entire World Of ‘Normal People’ – OpEd


Everyone must recognize that Vladimir Putin is attacking not just Ukraine but the entire world of normal people with his Orwellian insistence that what he is doing is not a war because he isn’t calling it that and that no one should be allowed to contradict him, according to Russian commentator Aleksandr Skobov.

The Russian prosecutor general has explained Putin’s ban on the use of the word “war” to describe the special military operation in Ukraine, the Kremlin critic says. A war exists only when a country declares general mobilization and introduces martial law. “If not, then, there is no war” (kasparov.ru/material.php?id=62DA2B4D89700&section_id=50A6C962A3D7C).

 Those Russians who assert otherwise are likely to run afoul with officialdom and may even be charged with “actions discrediting the action of the Russian armed forces,” as more than 3300 Russians already have been for doing so or otherwise discussing the war in Ukraine (newtimes.ru/articles/detail/216971).

“Those who refuse to call a war a war not to speak of those who try to prevent others from calling a war that are by definition abnormal people,” Skobov says. “They are moral freaks and accomplices of the Russian fascist war criminals” because normal people know what a war is and what Russia is doing in Ukraine has all the features of that.

In contrast to the Putin regime, “all normal people consider that when the army of one state conducts massive and systematic actions against another in the course of which military and civilian personnel die in large numbers and economic and residential infrastructure is destroyed that is to be called a war.”

When Ukraine defeats Russia in this war, those Russians who have gone down the Orwellian path will be brought to justice; and the outcome will be a victory for all normal people in the world, Skobov concludes, against an increasingly abnormal one centered in Moscow. That means they must call this war by its proper name and ensure Russia’s defeat.

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