Egypt Reiterates Opposition To Displacement Of Palestinians In Gaza


By Gobran Mohamed

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Tuesday reiterated his country’s opposition to any attempts at forced displacement of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He was addressing a joint press conference with visiting German counterpart Annalena Baerbock.

The ministers had earlier discussed the deteriorating situation in Gaza, the possibility of a ceasefire, the full and sustainable introduction of aid, and maritime security in the Red Sea.

They discussed ways to deal with the situation in a way that preserved the unity of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Shoukry said the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories was one of the main causes of instability.

He said the focus must be on a ceasefire and the delivery of aid to civilians, and added: “We condemn the targeting of journalists in Gaza, in light of the international silence regarding this issue.”

Shoukry said that Egypt and Germany were on the same page regarding peace in the Middle East, which could not be achieved without a two-state solution.

Baerbock spoke of her opposition to any attempts to displace the Palestinians, and added: “Gaza and the West Bank belong to the Palestinians, and they should not be expelled from their country.

“More Israeli crossings must be opened to deliver more aid that people need in Gaza without any obstacles.”

Baerbock said that the aid was insufficient for about 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and added: “We can work together to prevent disruption of its access.”

She stressed that the current situation could not continue in Gaza, and that “we must work together to reach peace.”

Egypt played a pivotal role in delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, she added.

Shoukry welcomed Baerbock and praised cooperation between the two countries in various fields, along with their close coordination in regional and international matters and issues of common interest.

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