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What Has The PA Done To Halt Israeli Apartheid? – OpEd


By Ramona Wadi*

The Palestinian Authority couldn’t have hoped for better timing for the release of the Human Rights Watch report detailing Israel’s apartheid system and violations. It’s just a pity for the PA that Palestinians are not fooled by a leadership that calls for the international community to act upon the report, while it once again cancels elections in a repetitive cycle that was obviously going to happen from the minute the dates were announced.

A very brief report by Wafa news agency gave details about PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh calling upon the UN and its affiliated institutions for more recognition of Israel’s crimes and “the need to form an international front to end the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories.”

A hypothetical front, of course, in which the Palestinian leadership would not take part. The safety it enjoys through collaborating with Israel and the international community in maintaining Israel’s expansion is thus rewarded handsomely, just as security coordination, which entrenches Israel’s apartheid system, has proved to be profitable for the PA.

With HRW calling out apartheid just as the PA was busying itself with the cancellation of elections, a brief window of opportunity was presented in which the Palestinian leadership embarked upon its worn-out and ultimately pointless strategy of complaining. Not only because the international community would never heed statements that call for one of its greatest allies to be held accountable, but also because the PA itself is an entity without dignity.

No real steps to combat apartheid have been taken by the authority led by Mahmoud Abbas. It always takes its cues from what other organizations, influential ones if possible, are disseminating to the media. First B’Tselem and now HRW have highlighted Israel’s apartheid system, both belatedly but still welcome nonetheless.

The PA, however, has the first-hand experience of Israeli apartheid and it has maintained a stance of near-silence interspersed with occasional warnings. The approach complements the occasions when President Mahmoud Abbas reneged on his decisions that could have challenged Israel’s apartheid system.

Instead, Abbas has opted for a repetitive cycle that falsely promotes change, while waiting for the opportune moment to end the debacle on his own terms, for the PA’s benefit, and for Israel.

His only recent warning was during the J-Street conference last month when he warned that the Palestinian people and the international community would not accept a de-facto apartheid situation in Palestine. Of course, Palestinians would not accept such subjugation, but how is Abbas so sure that the international community won’t turn a blind eye, now that the Abraham Accords have changed perceptions regarding Israel’s concept of annexation and expansion?

Abbas eliminates the fact that while the international community has been open to exploring alternatives that protect Israeli expansion, which means that a “Plan B” would be considered for Israel’s benefit, the same recognition has not been allocated for Palestinians, who remain tethered to sham “two-state” diplomacy and politics. The HRW report is not a propaganda item to be exploited by the PA. The facts it contains should have compelled the Palestinian leadership towards analyzing its own role in maintaining Israel’s apartheid practices against the people of occupied Palestine.

* Ramona Wadi is a staff writer for Middle East Monitor, where this article was originally published. She contributed this article to the Palestine Chronicle.

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Palestine Chronicle

The Palestine Chronicle publishes news and commentary related to the Middle East Peace Conflict.

One thought on “What Has The PA Done To Halt Israeli Apartheid? – OpEd

  • May 10, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    The vast majority of Palestinians have never accepted Israel’s right to exist as a majority Jewish state. This fact is born out by their own maps. Of all the political parties and groups which participated in the recently called-off Palestinian elections, upwards of ninety per cent of them designating “Palestine” as encompassing all the territory of Israel. And I don’t mean the disputed West Bank, I’m referring to Israel behind the Green Line Armistice. The Palestinian intention is therefore state genocide against Israel. What makes this any different than the Iranian goal of “Death To Israel”. In fact, in all the polls taken by various reputable organizations, the results are clear: Palestinians believe, by a large majority, that even if they could achieve a total independent West Bank State with East Jerusalem as their capital, the struggle for the rest of Palestine (that is, Israel) would not be over. In other words, “peace” becomes geopolitical strategy — a fight to the finish, in order to commit state genocide against the only majority Jewish state on the planet. Apartheid is hardly an apt description for a hundred-year struggle between two national movements. Even Nelson Mandela recognized Israel’s right to exist. Are the Palestinians and HRW saying that Mandela didn’t understand the true nature of Apartheid? Is Human Rights Watch not cognizant as to who has been the aggressor party in this one-hundred-year-old conflict? Israel accepted the first Palestinian state in 1947 as proposed by the UN. Palestine’s leaders rejected Israel then, and they haven’t changed since. The 1967 War was fought by all the Arab States, with the blessing of the Palestinians, in order to destroy Israel. It wasn’t about Apartheid then, it was an act of naked aggression to “Drive the Jews into the Sea”! Those were their exact words. All Israelis have seen the Palestinian pamphlets and textbooks with their undisguised appeal to blatant anti-Semitism. With the vile pictures of religious Jews drowning in the sea. In fact, during WWII the Palestinian leader, Hag Amin al-Husseini, worked directly with Hitler and the German Nazi Party. He did so in the hopes that the world’s Jews would be destroyed, especially in Palestine. These are facts that cannot be denied. So too is the fact that all the land the Jews owned in the pre-state era was bought from their correct Arab owners, and at high price. The truth is that Jews were never allowed to buy land on the West Bank (which was their right by international law) because of the hatred of Husseini and the Palestinians. Jews who attempted to live on the West Bank would be attacked. This history is well known to HRW. In fact, the land case that has triggered the recent furor in Jerusalem is precisely about this very issue. Jews who owned property in East Jerusalem before Israel was even a state were forced out by the real Apartheid of both Jordanian and Palestinian violence. The heirs of these Jews are now challenging for title. Israeli Apartheid, hardly. Palestinians who live in Israel have all the political rights of citizenry. HRW knows this. In fact, it is the Palestinian community in Israel who will decide the makeup of the next Israeli government! And this community has rejected being a part of a Palestinian State and has declared time and again to maintain their Israeli citizenship. The future of the West Bank and Jerusalem must be decided through negotiation and not by blatant propaganda leading to dictate. The Apartheid label is just such bogus propaganda. And the Palestinians hope that such a dubious label sticks. Remember the Nazi Party propaganda axiom: “If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. Anti-Semitism is an insidious Western and Islamic Civilization phenomenon, and the Palestinians have been using it for decades in the hopes that its real genocidal ambition will force the the Israeli Army off the extremely strategic heights of the West Bank. It’s a phased strategy. First, confine Israel to a slender nine-mile width and do to the West Bank what has been done to Gaza, Lebanon and Syria — eventually militarize it after the Jordanian King is overthrown. All accomplished (of course) with the serious imperial help of Islamic revolutionary Iran and its certain-to-be nuclear umbrella. Israel will never leave the totality of the West Bank because Palestinian intentions are all too clear. And I have advocated for a Palestinian State, with Jerusalem as its capital, for many years. But in all those years, I have — time and again — been disappointed by Palestinian rejection with its constant embrace of state genocide against Israel. The Israel Apartheid narrative is nothing more than a sophomoric ploy engaged in by Western anti-Semites, Islamic fundamentalists, and the Palestinian national movement. They all refuse to accept a sovereign Jewish State in the Middle East. With nuclear proliferation on the region’s horizon, this can only end very badly for the entire region and very possibly the whole world. But according to all the religions of the Abrahamic tradition, GOD is the author of human history; so perhaps a more fruitful ending will be achieved.


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