Iran And Syria Call For End Of Western Economic Domination, Withdrawal Of All Foreign Troops From Region


The Syrian and Iranian presidents met in Damascus and announced their resolve to work for greater regional stability. The leaders stressed that the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the region was necessary for this purpose. They emphasized that their cooperation in the economic field is intended to be a strategic move to counter the impact of unilateral sanctions imposed by the U.S. and some of its allies.

The countries signed a long-term comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement during the state visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Damascus on May 3. They also signed long-term cooperation agreements in various economic areas such as agriculture, oil, and transport.

Raisi is the first Iranian president to visit the country in the last 13 years. He was accompanied by his foreign, economic, and transport ministers and the chief of Iran’s central bank.

After the meeting, Syrian President Bashar Assad claimed that the various economic projects agreed upon between Iran and Syria would help “mitigate the impacts of sanctions” and aid in liberating “international economics from Western hegemony.” He also emphasized that both countries agreed that it has been an old colonial tactic to “undermine the stability of countries and divide them.” However, countries in the region need to take advantage of improving relations to find common grounds for peace and prosperity. Assad was referring to the recent rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran after years of tension and hostility.

Source: The Peoples Dispatch / Globetrotter News Service

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