Three Hizbullah Members Suspected Of Collaborating With CIA, Mossad


Al Arabiya TV Channel reported on Tuesday that “three members of Lebanon’s Hizbullah are suspected of collaborating with the U.S. intelligence and the Israeli “Mossad.” They were identified as Mohammad El-Husseini, Jihad Jalloul and Mohamed Saba.

The report added that Husseini has maintained a strong friendship with Hassan Ezzeddine, who was accused along with Imad Mughniyah in the hijacking an American TWA plane in 1985. The report went on to say that al-Husseini worked during the late 1990s in the Ukrainian capital in a network used to smuggle Lebanese, Palestinians and Iraqis into Europe. After a period of two years, he returned to Beirut in 2000 and from there went to Paris, where he was questioned by the French police about his smuggling activities. But, according to sources close to him, he was not arrested but met with U.S. intelligence officers, who asked him to follow the movements of Hassan Ezzeddine, who lives in a house near his home in Burj Barajneh, in order to draw him to a trap where a number of American agents will kidnap him and transfer him to a “safe area.” The report pointed out that the U.S. authorities had directed an amount of US$1 million as a reward for information about Ezzeddine, who is considered as a threat to the U.S. national security.”

The two other suspects, Jalloul and Saba haven’t held senior positions in Hizbullah. Their task was confined to recruit Hizbullah members for working with the “CIA” and the Mossad. In exchange for huge sums of money the Hizbullah agents were to convey information about the Shiite group’s communications network in southern Lebanon. ”

The spy network, according to security sources, was uncovered after an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft bombed last week an intelligence device on the network belonging to Hizbullah. The device had been destroyed in a valley near the Litani river. ” According to Hizbullah sources, the three suspects’ homes were raided several times in recent months. At least two of them are likely in Israel now.

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