Democracy Is Dead: Long Live Democratorship (Part I) – Essay


Democracy lost its purpose. After being used and abused for the last 200 years, it has become nothing more than fake news for the civilization of our own, humans. Why? The answer is very simple. Just look at the wars going on around the world in 2023 and not to mention those wars that are waiting to start within the weak “democracies” around the world.

So, as said, the simple answer, please, let me try to elaborate, methodologically from the inside and from the outside of the so-called “democracy” of the current civilization about which I already wrote a lot on the subject in the book “The World As Global Sin” (Lulu, USA), back in 2018, but it looks like that was not enough. It is never enough. Since the dawn of the civilization we know.

Mark Twain wrote: “’If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” This was written back in the XIX Century and it is a still one of the greatest sentences ever written about so-called “democracy”. But, who are “they” and why would “they” not let us do it? 

To simplify the answer, “they” are the rulers and if we can change something then “they” will lose their privileges and above all, the money. As Arend Lijphart said: “The democracy is governing by the freely elected people”. But, it is still governing, organized by the lobbyists in the USA or corruption, which is just another word for the “lobbyists” in Europe.

Why are we living in a democratorship around the world and not in a democracy? Why? 

Just imagine:

  1. The country where the Judicial System treats everybody equal (who mentions the Trump trials?) and every human has the same responsibility and rights due to the Constitution (who mentions politicians in Eastern Europe who have more bodyguards then celebrities?).
  2. The country where media literacy is in the primary and secondary school where children learn how to critically observe the reality of the social media and the contemporary media (we are all involved with the media in the XXI Century).
  3. The country where politicians do not have bigger salaries (Minister in the latin language means: A servant) than the average salary in the country, or even hold political positions for free having his own work paid for within his education.
  4. The country where equality means that as much rights means as much responsibility.
  5. The country where education and health is free for all people and not only for the chosen ones (“chosen ones” are those who can afford it and that is why it is “free” for them).

There is no country in the world of living democracy that can satisfy all the above five listed thoughts. There is none. 

But, there are so many countries where you are free to say whatever you want if that is not against the ideology and business focus of the minority in power. They say that they are elected to rule for the people, by the people. But, do they? Anywhere?

We have on the scene fake democracies who serve populist communist leaders (China, Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba) and fake democracies who serve populist capitalist leaders in other parts of the World. And all of them cooperate whenever it is possible in scarifying their own people to defend “democracy” against others and those who they declare to be different. From the “Arab Spring” and Iraq through the Israel-Palestine war and onwards to the wars in Africa, parts of Asia. Add to all that the subject of religion, which depending on the side you belong, says that God “is on our side”. To which the simple question must be asked: How can God be on all sides at the same time? 

There are 8 billion people in the World and all of us could live in harmony and love, if only:

  1. Rights = Obligations and vice versa
  2. If the all countries are secular and religion returns back to the holy buildings for prayer.

But, as George Orwell once wrote (Animal Farm, 1945): ”All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. In the same vein, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently said, “Sometimes I’m … looking at all these wars or looking at all the crisis, Middle East crisis. It’s not only Ukraine, everywhere in Africa and the Middle East. Sometimes I’m looking at this and think that the best way (is) if this planet will be the planet of dogs.”

So, it continues, until the end of our civilization. You may ask, however, how can it end, if the majority of us have “democracy”? In the next essay more about that. 

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic was born in 1960, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1964 he lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a professor (two doctoral degrees), scientist, writer & poet (distinguished artist by state), journalist, and editor. He wrote 26 books (textbooks for the Universities in BiH and abroad, books of poetry, prose, essays as well as) and his art and scientific work is translated in 25 world languages. He published books in BiH, Serbia, France, Switzerland, USA and Italy. He wrote more than 100 scientific papers. He is certified peer-reviewer (his citations appear in books and papers of scientists from all continents) for several European scientific journals. He participates within EU project funds and he is a member of scientific boards of Journals in Poland, India and the USA. He is a member of the Board of directors of IFSPD ( Also, he is a regular columnists & essayist and member of the Editorial board, since 2014, of Eurasia Review, think tank and journal of news & analysis from the USA. Since 2009 he is co-owner and Editor in chief of DIOGEN pro culture - magazine for culture, art, education and science from the USA. He is a member of major associations of writers in BiH, Serbia and Montenegro as well as Foundations (scientific and non-governmental) Associations worldwide. As professor he was/is teaching at the Universities in BiH, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and India. Detailed info:

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