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Would A Victorious Joe Biden Be Removed For Mental Incapacity? – OpEd


The Democratic Party is now confronted with a dilemma. Its two possible presidential nominees are perhaps equally unpalatable, though for different reasons. Socialist Bernie Sanders is, the establishment believes from a practical standpoint, ideologically unfit; Joe Biden is a garrulous gaffe machine who is mentally unfit. Yet what if, contrary to popular belief, neither man ends up being the nominee? There are other possibilities. 

Prior to the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, many were dismayed that the Democrats seemed poised to nominate an unattractive, wizened, charmless avowed socialist. Thus did the Democrat establishment throw its weight behind Biden. 

Yet the ex-vice president is clearly in mental decline. I say this in no spirit of cruelty or mockery; most of us have seen an elderly person deteriorate and know it’s the saddest of events. But the reality is that what we’re witnessing this campaign season isn’t just the old gaffe-prone, tall-tale-telling, Walter Mitty-like Biden. 

Aside from calling Super Tuesday “Super Thursday,” saying he was running for the “Senate,” thinking he was in Vermont when in New Hampshire and slurring and fumbling words, he also on multiple occasions couldn’t recall Barack Obama’s name. Since this is the president Biden served under for eight years, this is a bit like his forgetting the name of his wife — who, mind you, he recently confused with his sister. 

Note here that Biden has had two cranial aneurysms that required surgery. Not only can these conditions cause brain damage, but Biden was told before the second procedure that he had only a 35 to 50 percent chance of emerging from it “completely normal.” Add to this that he’s now 77 years old and, well, do the math. 

Of course, the Democrat establishment has to be intensely aware of Biden’s unfitness for office. Yet they’re choosing him to be President Trump’s opponent. Or are they? For there are ways to solve the Biden-Bernie (B&B) dilemma.

First, while the chances of it are now low, there could still be a brokered Democratic convention. If this happens, the delegates — under the sway of the Democrat establishment — could conceivably nominate someone other than Biden or Sanders, such as Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. 

A signal that the establishment desires this outcome could be if, after “evening things up” on Super Tuesday, it appears to ease off supporting Biden. I consider this unlikely, though. Brokered conventions are messy, and it would be difficult shaping the primary voting well enough to reliably effect such an outcome, anyway. 

Now let’s discuss what’s perhaps more likely. It’s hard to imagine that Biden hasn’t undergone a neurological exam, especially with his access to the very best health care (though an elderly person can be in denial and refuse such tests). It’s also hard to imagine that such examination would find normal functioning. This can make one wonder what perhaps is being hidden — and what might be revealed when the right time comes.

When might this be? It has been said that the ex-vice president is deteriorating rapidly. If he is in even worse shape come July and party elders and those close to him (e.g., his wife) can persuade him to step aside, he could be replaced. The rules on who’d choose his replacement are clear, too: the Democratic National Committee would, via a meeting of its hundreds of members. 

The DNC could then choose Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or someone else. There are complicating factors, such as state laws governing replacing candidates on the ballot, but these could likely be “worked out.” 

This solves the B&B dilemma: a DNC-aided Biden takes out Bernie, and then DNC cajoling takes out Biden. A stumbling block is that Biden would have to agree to withdraw, and he may not be amenable to this if in denial. Then again, mentally compromised people are easy to manipulate (“Sign this, Joe; it’s just a routine form!”).  

If Biden does remain in the race and somehow wins the presidency — and with media bias, vote fraud and Big Tech meddling this isn’t entirely unimaginable — it’s unfathomable that he could function as commander in chief. If he didn’t voluntarily step down, he could become the first president removed under the 25th Amendment for mental incapacity. 

Under this scenario, his vice presidential pick takes on unprecedented significance. (Biden himself acknowledged this in January, undermining his viability by saying that his running mate would have to be able to “immediately” replace him because he’s “an old guy.”) 

In fact, we’d have to wonder: Could his VP choice be Hillary Clinton? While her ego would normally preclude her from playing second fiddle to Biden, the opportunity could be irresistible if she’s in on the scheme and knows he’ll be removed and she’ll end up top dog. 

For that matter, though, Biden’s pick could be Elizabeth Warren, to try to appease the radical left wing and bolster the women’s vote; or a non-white candidate, such as Stacey Abrams or Andrew Yang (who appeals to the young). 

What’s for sure is that the B&B dilemma is real, Joe Biden is unfit to be commander in chief, and the DNC knows it. If he ever did ascend to the presidency, it’s inconceivable that he’d be long for the office.

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Selywn Duke

Selywn Duke is a columnist and author.

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