Yemen Operation ‘Protects Holy Land From Foes Of Islam’


Operation Decisive Storm against the Houthi militia is an obligatory duty of those who defend the two holy mosques as Yemen is a land of Islamic faith and wisdom, said Imam and khatib at Makkah’s Grand Mosque Sheikh Saud Al-Shoraim on Friday.

“When the forces of the land of the two holy mosques launched Decisive Storm, their fury was rooted in wisdom, sagacity and patience,” Sheikh Shoraim said in the weekly sermon.

“The discerning society does not differentiate between internal and external enemies. Defensive moves against enemies are of the most obligatory duties of the rulers and people. Envious people and hate mongers will only dispute the steps taken to ensure security. It is a blessing that a community is spared from a war and it calls for gratitude to Allah because it is a special mercy,” Al-Shoraim said.

He added that the Ahl Al-Sunna Wal Jamaah (the Muslims) believe in appointing a leader who takes care of their rights and protects their religion, and defends them from their enemies.

He said Decisive Storm basically aims to protect the land of the two holy mosques from the enemies of Islam and also the people of the country where the mosques belong. He added that enemies also aim to destroy the real Islamic belief, values and sacred symbols.

“There are some people who do not want Decisive Storm to succeed, either because of their envy or hatred.”

Meanwhile, at the Prophet’s Mosque, imam and khatib Sheikh Abdul Bari Al-Thobaity said that the strength of Shariah is that it is a tool to bring justice, and not a goal in itself, while it boosts the pillars of peace.

“Decisive Storm is an expression of the hopes of Yemenis and was launched in response to their request for help,” Al-Thobaity said in his sermon.

The imam added that history has shown that decisiveness is the mark of unique leaders especially against a treacherous people. He pointed out that within the decision to launch Decisive Storm as an operation to support the principles of Islam and justice in Yemen, Arab leaders are following the model of the last Prophet (peace be upon him), who demolished the Mosque of Sedition, which served as a den for the plotters against Islam.

The sheikh also lauded the decisiveness displayed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman in launching Decisive Storm to support Islam and elevate the word of the Muslims, and to establish the rights of the Muslims in Yemen when a group of people started spreading bidaa (prohibited innovations in religious matters) and undertaking misleading acts by rebelling against their ruler and killing people, and destroying mosques and homes under false slogans.

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