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Jeddah ‘Ramadan Nights’ Festival Takes Place In Museum At Al-Tayebat


By Deema Al-Khudair


The Layali Ramadan (Ramadan Nights) festival is the first Ramadan event to be organized post the coronavirus disease pandemic in Jeddah.

Held at Al-Tayebat International City of Science and Knowledge, one of Jeddah’s iconic destinations, the festival has received more than 8,000 visitors since it launched on the first day of Ramadan.

The festival features traditional performances of Al-Musaharati, historical figures who would beat drums to wake people for sahoor; Al-Jissees Hijazi folklore singers; Kariman Al-Ghamdi, who presents the customs of Hijazi weddings; and every Thursday and Friday, there are themed henna nights.

Within Al-Tayebat’s complex is Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum — one of the largest museums in the Middle East — that houses numerous historic and cultural artifacts.

“Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum was chosen to simulate old Jeddah,” TV producer and event organizer Abdulrahman Al-Rifai told Arab News.


“It contains 365 rooms that simulate all Arab, Islamic, European and Greek history, the first, second and third Saudi states; 15 pavilions, and five lanes of Jeddah’s avenues, including Bab Makkah, Haret Al-Sham, Haret Al-Yemen,” he added.

“The museum is very large — it takes five to six days to see it in its entirety.”

Members from the Social Development Bank, which provides financial assistance to individuals and families, and Tarahom, a charitable organization that supports prisoners and their families, also put up stalls at the festival.

Ismail Hamada, owner of Hamada Bakery, said: “It is excellent, after the repercussions of the pandemic, (that) this museum organized the festival.”

Fayza Al-Madhoon, owner of Fayza Fruits, said the museum’s atmosphere is unique. “The festival is wonderful; the museum for me holds very beautiful memories from childhood,” she told Arab News.

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