Indra Awarded As Most Innovative Provider Of Scottish Power, Subsidiary Of Iberdrola


ScottishPower, Iberdrola’s subsidiary in the United Kingdom, has granted Indra, one of the world’s leading global consulting and technology companies, the award as the most innovative supplier of the year.

The innovation project that has motivated the award has been the development of a simulator, in testing phase, that will be used for training the electricity company’s employees to guarantee compliance with the safety measures required for the execution of maintenance tasks in turbines installed at its wind farms.

The software developed intends to address the training needs of maintenance personnel, which must comply with highly demanding safety protocols, given the conditions in which wind turbine maintenance is carried out, sometimes at heights of over two hundred meters.

The realism of the solution proposed by Indra, based on the Unity graphic engine used in state-of-the-art videogames, allows for recreating the real workplace, in a way that allows the ScottishPower operator to interact with all of the turbine’s elements, as would occur in reality. In addition to the drastic cut in training-related costs (professionals’ on-site presence at wind farms for training would be unnecessary), it is possible to configure missions that respond to different, critical situations that a professional must resolve in real time.

This project is framed within the firm commitment of Iberdrola and its subsidiary ScottishPower to innovation and workplace safety. The use of training mechanisms similar to videogames is motivating for employees, who are willing to test themselves by exceeding the different training levels required.

Furthermore, monitoring of the employees’ progress by training managers is simpler and more efficient, as personalized follow-up is possible of each worker’s acquired competencies, and their levels may be readjusted according to their progress.

This project developed for ScottishPower is part of a broad offer of solutions and services that Indra develops for the energy sector, among which is digital training based on emerging technologies, like virtual reality and augmented reality.

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