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A Kashmiri’s Inspirational Success Story – OpEd


Sahil Peerzaada (Gulam Sajad Peerzaada), former model, evangelist, philanthropist and a magnanimous business tycoon, juxtaposes him as one of the eminent figures in the  country, for his bizarrely sober ambitious projects and the life that he lives today. He has become a more iconic representative of fame and a role model for individuals looking for business inspiration. Being amongst on the successful entrepreneur’s around, he has mastered in the field of science, real estate, technology, mining and the list is endless, quintessentially he is an epitome of jack of all trades, who has built enormously lucrative and powerful ventures from the scratch leading to inception of an appetizing platform of many successful business avenues. Peerzaada operates from various time zones and multiple cities due to the vast ventures all over the globe. His brazen thoughts, viable vision, and captivating ability to create ideas and enthrall people with his profound insight and his strong belief makes him a leviathan of success for the current generation and the generations to come.


Born in Sopore, Kashmir Valley, Peerzaada was raised in the orchards of bliss and the distressed lanes of Valley, studied in Kashmir and at a very young age moved to Mumbai to pursue his dreams.. unapologetically and unabashedly. Camaraderie of childhood never lets him disintegrate from his motherland, he has avid loyalties for the state and has consistently been paying gratitude to his own land by becoming a helping hand in many different ways.

How can we forget the Famous Quote..

“Gar Firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.” 

His life has been a roller coaster and whatever he is today doesn’t come easy and without a cost. You can definitely find deep inspiration in his trials and triumphs, in his tales of success and in his memories of enormous efforts that are put in to accomplish what he dreams of. Every echelon of success that he has climbed, every milestone that he has reached, every hurdle that he has crossed in his life has a strong reference point of motivation.

Young Entrepreneur  

It wasn’t easy building an empire and still striving to find his niche. Peerzaada’s business acumen enables him to capture and invest on ventures which are raw and holds prospective ability to decimate the archaic nature and turning into raw opportunities that could become lucrative entities down the line.

A firm believer in the concept of offerings of nature and connects his work with the universe to recourse during the complexities. His daunting and audacious beliefs ushered the way to his large presence into numerous fields. 

Peerzaada’s work ranges from investment into oil and mining, entertainment industry, hotels, schools, consumer durables, aircrafts, casinos and various domains to be deciphered and he doesn’t seem yet settled with his projects still aspires to broaden his domain of work which demands a lot of time management and balance to the mammoth spawning of work and accountability for every venture he dips his brain entirely.  

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Business avenues which involve enormous stakes and risk to materialize have been driven to success due to his avid interest in up scaling various projects from past experiences, his agile visibility and vast exposure in his business decisions. His diversified business expansion keeps him on his toes, his immense travel due to business commitments and the need to deliver to the fullest for every project he undertakes.Right from complex decision-making ability, futuristic approach in every decision, drawing inspiration from the minutest of things he could draw the inference from.He truly believes he is here to create sustainable models and doesn’t believe in shortcuts, wherein he does believe in the smart work and quick rational decisions. He is creating a legacy that needs nourishment for years to come and most of his businesses are primarily futuristic which would be the call of the days to come. Business models to accelerate modern mechanisms and cater to revive the archaic technology with the change in time and the demand to meet the future needs of the people.

A young and vibrant team works for Peerzaada to keep his business achievements aligned with his goals that he wishes to accomplish. His complex and extensive work demands never lets him satiate. Every new inception is the new motivation for him and he urges and inspires to be creative and think and procreates avenues which don’t bleak and compels longevity.

His references are his books and the workings of the universe, he is constantly attempting to cater to the demands of the people for the future and his aspiration to create them today. This is what he strongly envisages and attempts to strike the connection in the years to come.

To nudge small business ventures and countervail the conventional approach, to quash and saddle ventures and survive, is what has helped nab him the limelight in the league of powerful entrepreneurs.

Presence on Social Media

Peerzaada believes it is good to interact and communicate with a lot of masses at every level to understand and learn and be an enabler and to stay relevant. His massive following on various social media platforms is just one of the manifestations of his people drawing inspiration and learning from his beliefs. He is an avid health and fitness lover and firmly believes only a healthy mind body and soul can generate great ideas. He believes that every sapling you add to your garden is a seed of great mind, and truly embodies his thoughts with the grandiose life that he leads.

His drool worthy instagram pictures and motivational quotes are an inspiration for people along with also his firm and outrageous dialogues on twitter elucidates his negating streak. Peerzaada dresses to create rivalry and to many people awestruck the living daylights with his undeniable looks.  His humble attitude and motivating words have created the rooms in many hearts which inspires and aspires many on the daily basis.

He has been in the news, he has been controversial but he has never been out of the game. His imbroglio has been fame, his fame has been unprecedented with the advent of ups and downs on the personal and professional front, but he has been a survivor.

Future Plans Hitherto

Peerzaada is a handful, but his hunger and efforts to constantly strive seem nearly endless. He refuses to settle and intransigence with his belief to be not able to create more. Bouts of highs and lows, grins of success and failure, stints of happiness and sadness leaves him unfazed. His mantra to success has been to be happy and healthy, to create more, to strive better and to surround with even better and rejoice the rousing moments of life!

Farooq Wani

Farooq Wani is a Kashmir senior journalist, columnist and political commentator.

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